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What would you like to do?

What would you like to do?

What you need to know

What you need to know

​The Division of Developmental Disabilities (DHHS-DD) is committed to providing training that improves the lives of our participants. Please feel free to use as many training resources as you see fit.

FREE Training for People with Disabilities 


Developed through a partnership between Disability Rights Nebraska, Arc of Lincoln, Autism Family Network, and Fritz & O'Hare Associates:

  • It's All About The Plan! - Online training to assist you, your family, and your guardian. Advocate for yourself by speaking up for what you want in your life! 
  • Together We Can! - Online training on how you and your provider work together to increase your opportunities to live, work, and participate in your community. 


Video from DHHS-DD - How self-direction is different than traditional services. Includes the history, what to expect, and tools for self-direction.

Transitioning from School

Video from PTI Nebraska - What parents, students, and Service Coordinators need to know about the transition period.

Provider Training: Open to Anyone!

Abuse and Neglect 

Providers must have training on Abuse and Neglect. Free training is available:

  • Child and Vulnerable Adult Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation - Meets the training requirement for independent providers. Covers the Child and Adult Protective Services Acts. Explains mandatory reporters. Discusses reasonable cause. Outlines how to report and explains how an investigation happens. Talks about the Central Registry and penalties for violating laws.
  • Protecting Senior and Vulnerable Nebraskans from Fraud, Abuse, and Exploitation - Twenty-eight minute video from NET. Information about financial exploitation and how to protect against it. Law enforcement gives an overview on investigations and the court system. Medical experts explain how to spot increased vulnerability.


Habilitation programs must be written for habilitative services. Providers are required to know how to write and run programs. The following free training is available:

  • Habilitation Plan Overview – Step-by-step guide to writing habilitation programs.   
  • Writing Habilitation Plans webinar – Training from OMNI on how to write habilitation programs. Explains the definition of a habilitation program. Includes how to complete assessments, create baselines, write goals, review teaching methods, collect data, and pull reports.
  • Therap habilitative trainingISP Programs & Data – Training on habilitation programs in Therap. Trainings are in the orange box on the independent provider page of Therap. You must sign in to your Therap training account.

Person-Centered Planning

CQL Planning – Eighty-minute video from the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) on person-centered planning.


Therap Training Academy – Therap offers many training opportunities. Enrolling in the training academy is free. Therap is important to the services we provide, so it is important to learn about. The Therap training account is separate from your Therap login.