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2020 Bulletins   

PB 20-05: 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Reporting Requirements - issued 5/21/20

PB 20-04: Notification and Assessment Requirements for New HCBS Sites - issued 4/13/20

PB 20-03: DD Agency Provider Accounting System - issued 2/27/20

PB 20-02: Therap Employment Module - issued 2/27/20

PB 20-01: Therap Validation of Attendance - issued 2/10/20     

2019 Bulletins

PB 19-05: DD Services Fee Schedule - updated 1/21/20

PB 19-04: Use of SComm in Therap for Secure Communication - issued 7/1/19

PB 19-03: Use of Appointments in the Therap Health Tracking Module - updated 11/22/19

PB 19-02: Guardians employed by Medicaid HCBS DD Agency Service Providers - updated 9/5/19

PB 19-01: Background Check Requirements for Medicaid HCBS DD Agency Service Providers - Repealed 6/6/19 because it was meant to clarify specifics in regards to types of background checks required. DHHS-DD received feedback that it is still confusing. We pulled this bulletin to work with our Medicaid Division partners to clarify the requirements further. It will be reposted in the future. The annual background check requirement has not been repealed.

2018 Bulletins

PB 18-07: Habilitative Community Inclusion Service to Support Hobby Activities – issued 11/28/18

PB 18-06: Sub-Contracting for Direct Provision of DD Services - Repealed 6/6/19 because the dates are inaccurate, due to the extended timeline for the submission of the DD Waiver amendments to CMS.

PB 18-05: Title 403 Regulations - issued 7/24/18

PB 18-04: ISP Programs in Therap - issued 6/4/18

PB 18-03: Therap Attendance and Billing for Independent Providers - issued 6/4/18

PB 18-02: Change in Notification of Death Form and Instructions - issued 5/1/18

PB 18-01: Habilitation Plan Writing Guidelines - issued 4/12/18