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What would you like to do?

What you need to know

What you need to know

Quality Management Strategy (QMS)

DHHS-DD has a quality management and improvement plan to promote and monitor quality of services and quality of life for people with developmental disabilities. This was a result of Nebraska Revised State Statute §83-1209.

Since September 2017, DHHS-DD has given regular updates on quality activities.

QMS Reports

Participant Surveys

The Participant Experience Survey is conducted with home and community-based services (HCBS) waiver participants to collect responses to help DHHS-DD prioritize how to improve the quality of services.

National Core Indicators (NCI) 

The National Core Indicators (NCI) project is an effort by public developmental disabilities agencies to measure and track their performance. NCI is a collaboration between the National Association of State Developmental Disabilities Directors and Human Services Research Institute.

NCI offers an introduction video to explain what surveys are about, who can participate, and how the information is used.

DHHS-DD began participating in NCI for the 2016-17 survey. Nebraska uses two surveys.  

Staff Stability Survey

This survey helps compare a state's workforce data to other states. The state can measure improvements made by policy or programmatic changes. The online survey is filled out by agency providers which serve adult participants. The survey is completed each year with information from providers' direct support employees.

Adult In-Person Survey

This survey assesses the quality of life for adult participants. The survey used to be called the Adult Consumer Survey. The survey is done with randomly selected participants.

DHHS-DD partners with the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Munroe-Meyer Institute (MMI) to conduct this survey. MMI provides survey information on their website.

If you are an adult receiving developmental disabilities services, or someone in your family receives services, you may be contacted. Read our announcement to find out more.

For more information contact Brad Wilson, the Nebraska NCI coordinator, at (402) 471-8728 or

NCI Reports

Visit the NCI website to view