Reporting Concerns and Complaints
Do you have a concern that you feel should be reported to the Department of Health and Human Services?  For example, you may suspect possible child abuse or neglect or have a concern about services provided by a licensed health care facility or professional.
The list and links below provide information about how to report those concerns.  It may be appropriate to make a report to more than one area.
If you are a client with concerns or questions about your Economic Assistance, Developmental Disability or Medicaid services, contact the DHHS ACCESSNebraska Customer Service Centers.
Adult Abuse and Neglect Hotline (1-800-652-1999)
Call when you know or suspect abuse or neglect of adults is occurring.
Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline (1-800-652-1999)
Call when you know or suspect abuse or neglect of children is occurring.
Child Care Provider Complaints
DHHS investigates allegations of violations at child care homes/centers and preschool facilities.
Child Welfare System or Juvenile Justice System Grievances
A grievance is a complaint based on circumstances or action that the person wants to protest because he or she believes DHHS failed to follow child welfare statutes, regulation or procedures.
Client Fraud
DHHS investigates allegations of potential fraud in Medicaid, energy assistance, Assistance to the Aged, Blind and Disabled, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Social Service Block Grants and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
Developmental Disabilites
For complaints or concerns regarding the Division of Developmental Disabilities.
Complaint Form / Email
Health Care Facilities
If you are unable to bring your concerns to a health care facility administrator or supervisor’s attention, or if they do not respond, then contact the DHHS Licensure Unit.
If you receive benefits or services from DHHS and want to contact DHHS about HIPAA matters relating to DHHS employees or contractors, to report a violation, or file a complaint.
Licensed, Registered or Certified Health Care Professionals/Occupations
DHHS is responsible for investigating complaints against professionals in health care professions and occupations.
Long-Term Care Ombudsman
An advocate for the rights and well-being of nursing home and assisted-living facility residents.
Toll Free Phone: (800) 942-7830 / Local Phone: (402) 471-2307 / Email
Medicaid Provider Fraud
Report suspected Medicaid Provider Fraud or possible abuse, neglect or financial exploitation of patients in Medicaid facilities.