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Due to emergency declarations across Nebraska following this spring's natural disasters, the State will be providing extensions for disability and level of care redeterminations for children. These extensions apply to children (0-17 years old) living in a FEMA-designated disaster area any time from March 8-September 8, 2019.

The extension schedule is as follows:

Original Redetermination
Due Date
Extension Due Date
March 9th through April 30th October 31st
May 1st through June 30th November 30th  
July 1st through September 9th December 31st

This extension only applies to disability redeterminations which DHHS must review or child institutional level of care redeterminations. Redeterminations completed by March 8, 2019, are not affected by this extension.

Services will continue during the extension period. If increased services are needed during the extension, please contact your services coordinator.

A current listing of the FEMA designated disaster areas is available online at:

The Aged and Disabled Waiver is a program that offers an array of services to support people in their homes. Learn more about specific roles, functions, processes and the Quality Council below. 

Who may need this program?

Individuals of all ages who:

  • Are eligible for Medicaid and have needs at nursing facility level of care
  • Want to live at home rather than a nursing facility
  • Can be served safely at home

What services may be available through the Aged and Disabled Waiver?

Please visit the services page for more information.

For additional details on this program, please see HCBS Programs.