Transitioning from High School

Disabilities Assistance
Developmental Disabilities

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What you need to know

If you are between the ages of 16 and 21, you are “in transition." You are transitioning from school-based resources to adult services. 

  • You should apply for developmental disabilities services early in the transition process so that eligibility can be determined. Age 16 is not too early!
  • In order to receive developmental disabilities services, you must be determined eligible.
  • Medicaid – You must apply for Medicaid and accept if qualified. Medicaid provides a federal match to state funds, which allows DHHS-DD to fund more eligible people. 

Developmental Disabilities Services

While you are in high school, day services are not available because they cannot replace what is available through the school system. Once eligible, you can have a service coordinator. 

After you have been determined eligible and are 21 years old, you may receive funding for day services. Information about available services is on our services page. Your Service Coordinator will help you choose services to meet your needs.

Transition Resources

  • Nebraska VR - Services are available to students and adults seeking employment.
  • Ready, Set, Go! - Resources to assist young adults with developmental disabilities to make decisions about supports as they move from high school to adult life.
  • Resource Guide for Parents of Students with Disabilities - Information from Accredited Schools Online about the last years of school, including understanding ADA, Section 504, IDEA and IEP.
  • The Transition Section of the Nebraska Department of Education website explains what to expect and what is required.
  • Transition Video from PTI Nebraska. Explains what parents, students and Service Coordinators need to know about the transition period.

Other Resources

Information and referral is available from Nebraska 211, hosted by United Way of the Midlands. Dial “211" on any telephone to find the help you need.