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The clinic or physician's office that administers immunizations keeps an immunization record on file for each person who receives an immunization at their facility.  

A personal copy is given to the parents. Every time you visit your health care

provider for immunizations, it is important to take your immunization record with you and have it updated. It's very important for parents to keep their children's as well as their own records.

The medical record contains the following immunization information:

  • Names of the vaccines you received
  • The manufacturer's name and lot number of the vaccine being given
  • The date the immunization was administered
  • Who administered the vaccines


In 2008, Nebraska started a statewide immunization database (NESIIS), but it is still important for you to keep a record of all your immunizations for yourself.  The immunization should be entered by name long with the date you received them, and the name of the clinic or doctor's office that gave them to you.   This record gives health care providers the information they need to know so they can treat you appropriately in the future.

NESIIS maintains computerized immunization data for individuals of all ages in a confidential and secure manner. Check with your provider to see if they participate!

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