2019 Elder Justice Training

Medicaid & Long-Term Care

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The State Unit on Aging sponsors a training course on elder abuse awareness. Professionals learn to recognize possible abuse.

Training was held on August 20, 2019. 

Participants attended at NET in Lincoln or online via Live Stream.


Missed the training? Check out the video clips below.

2019 Event Training Materials

1. POAs and Advanced Directives - Schaefer.pdf1. POAs and Advanced Directives - Schaefer
2a. Advance Directives from Medical Perspective - Wester.pdf2a. Advance Directives from Medical Perspective - Wester
2b. Handout - Wester.pdf2b. Handout - Wester
3. Practical Tips on Dealing with Persistent Frauds and Scams - Barrett.pdf3. Practical Tips on Dealing with Persistent Frauds and Scams - Barrett
4. A Birds-Eye View of the Role of the Aging Network - Jones.pdf4. A Birds-Eye View of the Role of the Aging Network - Jones
5. Pharmacy-related Issues and Seniors - Dering-Anderson.pdf5. Pharmacy-related Issues and Seniors - Dering-Anderson

This presentation describes the challenges of taking multiple drugs, such as cost of the drugs, confusing drug interactions, and additive side effects.  Tips on questions one can ask the pharmacist to improve pharmacotherapy and how seniors can more actively participate in their own pharmacotherapy decisions are covered here.


The presentation outlines the history, structure and funding of adult protective services and the activities in the Midwest focused on addressing elder maltreatment.  The presenter engages the audience to consider elder abuse and neglect prevention and focuses on new ways to think about risk.


Co-sponsored by Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, State Unit on Aging, AARP Nebraska, UNO Department of Gerontology, Creighton University School of Law, Nebraska Bankers Association, and Legal Aid of Nebraska




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