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​​​​​​The State Unit on Aging oversees a number of service providers. This page contains information, guidance, online resources, and other tools for these service providers. Public resources can be found on the Resources for You page.

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    Forms and Guidance Documents

    These documents should help service providers serve older Nebraskans and Nebraskans with disabilities.

    ADRC Contact + Census Comparison.xlsxADRC Contact + Census Comparison
    Area Plan Budget Template FY2019.xlsxArea Plan Budget Template FY2019
    Care Management Assessment.pdfCare Management Assessment
    Caregiver Assessment (with Gender Identity).docxCaregiver Assessment (with Gender Identity)
    Caregiver Assessment.docxCaregiver Assessment
    Current AAA and ADRC Map.pdfCurrent AAA and ADRC Map
    Form C FY 2020.xlsxForm C FY 2020
    Forms A and E FY 2020.xlsxForms A and E FY 2020
    NAPIS to OAAPS Crosswalk.pdfNAPIS to OAAPS Crosswalk
    NSIP Meal Form FFY2019.xlsxNSIP Meal Form FFY2019
    NSIP Meal Form Instructions.pdfNSIP Meal Form Instructions
    PeerPlace Transition Guide.pdfPeerPlace Transition Guide
    Program Reference Guide SFY 20-23.pdfProgram Reference Guide SFY 20-23
    Reservation Table By County.pdfReservation Table By County
    Senior Center Manual Template.docxSenior Center Manual Template
    SUA-20-IM-09 Time Study Excel Template.xlsxSUA-20-IM-09 Time Study Excel Template

    Active Program Instructions

    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-43 Peer Place Transition Guide
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-42 Care Management Assessment
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-41 PeerPlace Software Offline Checkout Procedures
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-40 AAA Partners - Security Request Guidelines
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-39 Menu Planning
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-38 Title III-B Minimum Percentages
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-37 Federal Fund Cash Advances
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-36 NAMIS Data Entry Deadlines
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-35 FY 20 Reservation Table
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-34 FY 19 Reservation Table
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-33 Financial Reporting Requirements
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-32 NSIP Billing Form
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-31 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-30 Nebraska Sales and Use Tax Regulations
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-29 Title III-D Evidence-Based Programs
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-28 Congregate Meal Site Voluntary Contribution
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-27 Senior Center List Updates
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-26 Home Delivered Meals Assessment
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-25 Hood Extinguishing Systems
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-24 OAA Nutrition Program Regulations
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-23 Home Delivered Meals Instructions
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-22 Senior Center and Nutrition Site Days of Operation
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-21 Home Delivered Meal Operations
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-20 Senior Volunteer Program Application
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-19 Care Management Sliding Fee Scale
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-18 SHIIP Units in NAMIS
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-17 Care Management Basic Assessment
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-16 Care Management Unit Recertification
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-15 Aging, Long-Term Care, and ADRC Resources
    SFY 20SUA-20-PI-14 Contact Information
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    Active Information Memoranda

    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-17 Comprehensive Caregiver Assessment
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-16 PeerPlace Anonymous Client Guidance
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-15 PeeerPlace Internal Software Consent-Permission Policy
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-14 PeerPlace Client Notes and Case Notes
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-13 PeerPlace Care Management Fee Statement Terms
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-12 Locally Grown Produce and Title III-C1 and C2
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-11 Service Participant Validation
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-10 Indirect Costs vs. Area Plan Administration Costs
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-09 Time Study Guidance
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-09 Time Study Excel Template
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-08 Title III-E Caregivers Defined
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-07 Comprehensive Caregiver Assessment
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-06 Care Management Changes in NAMIS
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-05 ADL and IADL Reporting
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-04 Merging Clients in NAMIS
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-03 NAMIS Contribution Letter Requirements
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-02 Printing Labels from NAMIS
    SFY 20SUA-20-IM-01 Senior Centers and Webinars
    SFY 19SUA-19-IM-04 Home Modifications

    Monitoring Tools

    Monitoring Tools (Word documents) need to be completed and returned three weeks before the scheduled monitoring date. Depending on computer security settings, you may need to click on the View menu, and select Edit Document ​to complete the forms.

    Review Forms (PDFs) will be used by the SUA to evaluate files.

    State Fiscal Year 2020 monitoring will take place between July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.

    ADRC Monitoring Tool
    Care Management File Review Form
    Care Management Monitoring Tool
    Case Management File Review Form
    Disaster Plan Evaluation Tool
    Governance Monitoring Tool
    Health Program Monitoring Tool
    Legal NE4A Monitoring Tool
    Legal Non-NE4A Monitoring Tool
    Nutrition Monitoring Tool
    SCSEP Monitoring Tool
    Senior Volunteer File Review Form
    Senior Volunteer Program Monitoring Tool
    Title III-B Monitoring Tool
    Title III-E Monitoring Tool
    State Unit on Aging
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