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Renewal is currently on hold for some license types per Executive Order 20-10.

Renewals are currently on hold, per Executive Order 20-10, for the following professions: medicine and surgery (MDs), osteopathic physicians (DOs), advanced practice nursing, emergency medical services, mental health and social work, nursing, osteopathy, pharmacy, perfusion, psychology, respiratory care, and surgical assistants.

If you hold a license in one of the above professions, you will not be receiving a renewal notice at this time. Your license will not expire on the original expiration date; expiration dates for professions listed above will be extended to 12.31.2020. *This expiration date may need to be adjusted if the state of emergency continues longer*. You will soon be able to print a wallet card to verify the extended expiration date at

When the state of emergency is lifted, the Licensure Unit will send renewal notices to all licensees. You will then have 90 days to renew by:

  1. Completing the renewal application and paying the renewal fee (either on-line or by paper).
  2. Attesting that you have completed or will complete the continuing competency by the expiration date; OR
  3. Request a waiver of the continuing competency (see waiver information below) and submit documentation to support your waiver request.

NEW: Continuing Competency Waiver Information

NEW: Executive Order: Provisional License Information

Perfusionists perform the functions necessary for the support, treatment, measurement, or supplementation of the cardiovascular, circulatory, and respiratory systems or other organs, and they ensure the safe management of physiologic functions by monitoring and analyzing the parameters of those systems under the order and supervision of a licensed physician. 

Applications, Requirements & Fees

Credential information for military spouses

Each applicant for a license to practice as a Perfusionist must:

  • Be at least 19 years old  
  • Have good moral character
  • Submit to the Department a completed perfusionist license application
  • Pay the application fee of $150

There are three methods of applying for a perfusionist license:

1. Education and Examination

  • Graduate from an accredited perfusionist education program
  • Pass the certification examination offered by the American Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (ABCP) that includes Part I, the Perfusion Basic Science Examination, and Part II, the Clinical Applications in Perfusion Examination, or a substantially equivalent examination approved by the Board of Medicine and Surgery

2. Board Certification (waiver of education and examination requirements)

  • Submit evidence of holding a current certificate as a Certified Clinical Perfusionist issued by the ABCP or its successor

3. Licensed in Another State

  • Submit evidence of holding a credential as a perfusionist issued by another state or possession of the United States or the District of Columbia which has standards substantially equivalent to those of Nebraska

Please be sure to update your mailing address with the Division of Public Health so that licensure information, including renewal notices, will reach you.

Renewal, Continuing Education & Reinstatement

Renewal Information

On or before May 1 of each odd-numbered year, each perfusionist licensed in the state of Nebraska must submit a completed application, attestation related to renewal requirements for continuing competency, and payment of the renewal fee of $150 to the Licensure Unit.

Continuing Competency Requirement for License Renewal

As a condition for renewal, each perfusionist must earn one of the following:

  • Perform a minimum of 80 clinical activities, as defined by ABCP, of which no more than 30 clinical activities may be documented intraoperative pump standbys that must be documentable in an audit; and
  • Earn 30 continuing education units (CEUs), as approved by the ABCP, of which 10 CEUs must be earned in Category 1. Hours are to be earned within the 24 months immediately preceding the date of expiration, except that a licensee who has earned more than the 30 hours required for license renewal for one 24-month renewal period is allowed to carry over up to 15 hours to the next 24-month renewal period.

Clinical activities include:

  • Primary bypass
  • Instructor for a primary bypass performed by a student
  • Veno-venous bypass
  • Pump assisted coronary and/or organ perfusion
  • Cardiopulmonary Support (CPS)
  • Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO)
  • Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) and
  • Documented intraoperative pump standby


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