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When: Thursday, July 18th, 2019 from 9am - 4pm

Where: The Graduate hotel; 141 North 9th. Street, Lincoln NE 68509

Many HIV tests are now free, fast, and confidential. Test your way, and do it today!

Find a testing site near you:

  • VISIT Act Against AIDS
  • TEXT your ZIP code to KNOWIT (566948), or
  • CALL (800) CDC-INFO (232-4636)
  • ENTER your ZIP code in the DO IT widget.

Get the Facts. Learn about HIV, and share this lifesaving information with your family, friends, and community. Get an HIV test at least once as part of routine care if you are 13-64. Use CDC's HIV Risk Reduction Tool (BETA) to get prevention information tailored to meet your needs.

Get Tested. Get tested for HIV or talk to your health care provider about HIV testing. Knowing your HIV status gives you powerful information to help keep you and your partner healthy.

Get Involved. CDC offers many resources to help you raise awareness about HIV testing in your community. Doing It is a national HIV testing and prevention campaign designed to motivate all adults to get tested for HIV and know their status. Join Doing It on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, share videos of volunteers, community leaders, and celebrities explaining why they're getting tested, and download posters and other materials

Reports and Fact Sheets

HIV among Blacks Fact Sheet 2018.pdf
HIV among Hispanics Fact Sheet 2018.pdf
HIV among Men Who Have Sex with Men Fact Sheet 2018.pdf
HIV among Rural and Urban Areas Fact Sheet 2018.pdf
HIV among Women Fact Sheet 2018.pdf
HIV and AIDS Annual Surveillance Summary 2018.pdf