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The 2019 Minority Health Conference was titled Uniting Practice and Partnerships to Achieve Health Equity and was held at the Holthus Convention Center in York, NE on April 17.

The conference participants included community health workers, physicians, nurses, other healthcare providers, public health personnel, administrators, and other professionals who are involved or interested in improving minority health and advancing health equity. Breakout track titles are:

  • Leveraging Innovation in Care Delivery         
  • Delivering High Quality Services
  • Increasing Quality Care for Special Populations
  • Bridging Gaps to Ensure Equitable Care

Presentations are listed by the breakout session and speaker name.  Handouts are included.

Welcome Slides - Slides displayed before the conference began

Welcome and SHIP Presentation.  Josie Rodriguez, Overview of the Nebraska State Health Improvement Plan Health Equity Priority

Keynote Speaker1.  Deborah Fournier, Strengthening Clinical to Community Connections: A Cross-Sector Movement to Improve Health Outcomes to Advance Health Equity.  Handout1.

Keynote Speaker2.  Rodrigo Monterrey, Implementing CLAS for Continuous Quality Improvement. Handout1. Handout2.

Keynote Speaker3.  Edward Ehlinger, Creating the Conditions in which all People can be Healthy and Thrive

Leveraging Innovation1.  Priyanka Surio, Building an Informatics-Savvy Public Health Infrastructure

Leveraging Innovation2.  Melissa Lewis, ASTHO President's Challenge: Building Healthy and Resilient Communities. Handout

Leveraging Innovation3.  Kathy Karsting/Gina Uhing/Patty Falcone/Joanna Barrera, Transforming Teams to Impact Health: The Community Health Worker  (Power Point presentation was not included.)  Handout

Delivering High Quality1. Patrik Johansson, Barriers and Opportunities for Promoting Health Professional Careers among African Americans and Latinos in the Midwest

Delivering High Quality2.  Kathy Karsting, The Role of CHWs in Addressing Maternal and Child Health Priorities in Nebraska

Delivering High Quality3.  Jessica Seberger, Tips and Tricks to Practicing Data-Driven Decision Making. Handout

Increasing Quality1.  Courtney Parks/Hollyanne Fricke, Food Insecurity Among Rural Cancer Survivors

Increasing Quality2.  Sarah Henrichs, Medical Care for Individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

Increasing Quality3.  Karen Bell-Dancy, The Intersection of Race, Ethnicity and Healthcare

Bridging Gaps1.  Carmen Chinchilla, Creating Alliances for a Health Community. Handout

Bridging Gaps2.  Corstella Johnson, Adult Immunization within Indian Country: An Immunization Outreach Effort

Bridging Gaps3.  Christian Minter, Responding to Multilingual Health Information Needs in Your Community

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