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Renewals are currently on hold for some license types per Executive Order 20-10.

Renewals are currently on hold, per Executive Order 20-10, for the following professions: medicine and surgery (MDs), osteopathic physicians (DOs), advanced practice nursing, emergency medical services, mental health and social work, nursing, osteopathy, pharmacy, perfusion, psychology, respiratory care, and surgical assistants.

If you hold a license in one of the above professions, you will not be receiving a renewal notice at this time. Your license will not expire on the original expiration date; expiration dates for professions listed above will be extended to 12.31.2020. *This expiration date may need to be adjusted if the state of emergency continues longer*. You can print a wallet card to verify the new expiration date at

When the state of emergency is lifted, the Licensure Unit will send renewal notices to all licensees. You will then have 90 days to renew by:

  1. Completing the renewal application and paying the renewal fee (either on-line or by paper).
  2. Attesting that you have completed or will complete the continuing competency by the expiration date; OR
  3. Request a waiver of the continuing competency (see waiver information below) and submit documentation to support your waiver request.

New regulations effective May 17, 2020

Please see the Respiratory Care regulations, 172 NAC 162, in the Regulations & Statutes box on the right side of this page.

NEW: Continuing Competency Waiver Information

NEW: Executive Order: Provisional License Information

For the statutory definition of respiratory care, please click here.

Advisory Opinions

LPNs & Respiratory Care

This Nebraska Board of Nursing advisory opinion is issued in accordance with Neb. Rev. Stat. § 38-2216. As such, this advisory opinion is for informational purposes only and is non-binding.

It is the opinion of the Board that it is acceptable practice for LPNs to provide chest percussion, aerosol treatment and IPPB therapy. Additionally, it is appropriate practice for LPNs to perform naso-pharyngeal and oral pharyngeal suctioning. LPN practice may include tracheal suctioning for purposes of maintaining an open airway; it is not appropriate practice for LPNs to provide bronchial tree suctioning.

LPNs may assist with ventilator care by making observations, and by recording and reporting such observations. It is not appropriate for LPNs to independently implement nursing actions based upon conclusions or assessments drawn from their observations, i.e., make ventilator adjustments.

A licensed nurse is accountable to be competent for all nursing care that he/she provides. Competence means the ability of the nurse to apply interpersonal, technical and decision-making skills at the level of knowledge consistent with the prevailing standard for the nursing activity being applied. Accountability also includes acknowledgment of personal limitations in knowledge and skills, and communicating the need for specialized instruction prior to providing any nursing activity.

Approved: January 1988
Reaffirmed: April 1996

Attorney General Opinion 

Applications, Requirements & Fees

These forms may be completed online; however, you must date and physically sign your application and mail it to our office with the appropriate fee.

Fee Information

Renewal Information

The Board of Respiratory Care Practice does not pre-approve Continuing Education or Continuing Education Providers

Respiratory Care Renewal requirements:

  • Expiration date:  June 1 of each even-numbered year.
  • Continuing Education (CE) Requirements: 20 hours of acceptable CE

Acceptable Continuing Education 


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