Title 477 Medicaid Eligibility

Statutes & Regs

What would you like to do?

What would you like to do?

What you need to know

What you need to know

Table of Contents

Title 477 Appendix

Chapter 1                Amended 3/13/18          
General Definitions

Chapter 2                Amended 3/13/18          
Overview of Eligibility Requirements

Chapter 3                Amended 3/13/18          
Application Process

Chapter 4                Amended 3/13/18          
Effective Date of Medicaid Eligibility

Chapter 5                Amended 3/13/18          
Citizenship/Alien Status and Identity

Chapter 6                Amended 3/13/18          
State Residency

Chapter 7                Amended 3/13/18          
Age and Date of Birth

Chapter 8                Amended 3/13/18          
Social Security Number

Chapter 9                Amended 3/13/18          

Chapter 10               Amended 3/13/18          
Fair Hearing Processes

Chapter 11               Amended 3/13/18          
Living Arrangements

Chapter 12               Amended 3/13/18          
Third Party Liability and Child Support Enforcement

Chapter 13               Amended 3/13/18          
Medicaid Benefits Provided in Error

Chapter 14               New 3/13/18
Definitions Pertaining to Magi-Based Programs

Chapter 15               Amended 3/13/18          
Household or Unit Size for Magi-Based Programs

Chapter 16               Amended 3/13/18          
Income for Magi-Based Programs

Chapter 17               Amended 3/13/18          
Resources for Magi-Based Programs

Chapter 18               Amended 3/13/18          
Relative Responsibility for Magi-Based Programs

Chapter 19               Amended 3/13/18          
Pregnant Women, Parents/Caretaker Relatives, Children, 599 CHIP, Former Wards, and Hospital Presumptive

Chapter 20               New 3/13/18
Definitions Pertaining to Non-Magi Programs

Chapter 21               Amended 3/13/18          
Household or Unit Size for Non-Magi Programs

Chapter 22               Amended 3/13/18          
Income for Non-Magi Programs

Chapter 23               Amended 3/13/18          
Resources for Non-Magi Programs

Chapter 24               Amended 3/13/18          
Relative Responsibility and Sponsor Deeming for Aliens for Non-Magi Programs

Chapter 25               Amended 3/13/18          
ABD Budgeting

Chapter 26               New 3/13/18
Spousal Impoverishment Medicaid Program Budgeting

Chapter 27               Amended 3/13/18
Aged, Blind, and Disabled Medicaid, Medically Needy, Medicaid Insurance for Workers With Disabilities, Women's Cancer Program, Emergency Medical Services Assistance, and Katie Beckett

Chapter 28               Amended 3/13/18
Children Eligible for IV-E Assistance, Non-IV-E Adoption Subsidy, Former Foster Care Children