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The Nebraska behavioral health system offers services for persons with mental illness and substance use disorders. The Division of Behavioral Health uses income and clinical guidelines to determine eligibility for services. Those eligible can participate in a variety of treatment, rehabilitation, support and recovery programs.    

Services are available throughout Nebraska and include crisis response, inpatient, residential and outpatient care.  Services are designed to help individuals/families regain life skills and overcome limitations in their daily living.  Support services may assist individuals in getting housing or finding and keeping a job.  

Some providers also employ peer support professionals. These people have experienced mental health or substance use disorder and are in recovery.  They promote and facilitate educational opportunities that enhance recovery, including programs that promote resiliency and wellness for individuals and their families.  

You may find service definitions in Title 206: Behavioral Health Services and Utilization Guidelines, also known as the LIME BOOK

Nebraska services are trauma-informed, culturally and linguistically competent, and meet the needs of persons with complex needs. 

Mikayla Johnson
Division of Behavioral Health Network Administrator
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