YRTC-Hastings Earns Top Marks in Recent ACA Audit

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For Immediate Release: 8/25/2022

Julie Naughton, Office of Communications, (402) 471-1695 (office); (402) 405-7202 (cell);


Lincoln – Nebraska's Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center-Hastings (YRTC-Hastings) has earned a report of 100 percent compliance for all 343 standards mandated by the American Correctional Association (ACA).

YRTC-Hastings serves female youth.

“This excellent report is due to the countless hours and efforts of YRTC-Hastings Facility Administrator Camella Jacobe and the compliance team," said Juvenile Services Administrator Mark LaBouchardiere. “The auditors strongly complimented YRTC-H, all the way from cleanliness to programming to the commitment and dedication of staff toward the youth."

“The auditors spoke to every female youth and said they felt very confident about the positive culture at this facility," noted Jacobe, adding that the auditors planned to recommend to other states that they should study YRTC-Hastings as a model facility.

The perfect rating was officially presented to LaBouchardiere, Jacobe, and the compliance team at ACA's national conference earlier this month. The audit took place from June 29 to July 1.

The honor follows an April 2022 flawless report from Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) auditors, which measures 42 different standards. The facility earned a report of 100 percent compliance, and no corrective actions were required.

“These flawless reports speak to Mark and Camella's leadership and the consistent excellence of their teams," said Larry Kahl, chief operating officer of DHHS. “Their professionalism and dedication to the youth we serve is apparent in all of the well-deserved recognitions they are garnering from national auditors."

YRTC-Hastings' major goals for the year are increasing youth involvement in the community and increasing treatment that includes the youth's families, said LaBouchardiere.

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