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The Nebraska WIC Approved Product List or APL contains all of the WIC-approved foods available for purchase by WIC participants. The link below will download an excel file containing a list of all the WIC-approved foods and UPC's in our APL.  This list will be updated on a quarterly basis.

APL - Approved Product List

Nebraska provides food benefits through an Electronic Benefits Transfer system – eWIC.  All approved products, with the exception of fresh fruits and vegetables, require a UPC to be included on the APL.  If a UPC is not in the APL, then that product cannot be purchased with eWIC food benefits. 

Produce is included in the approved product list by PLU.  The Nebraska WIC APL contains almost all of the International Federation of Produce Standards (IFPS) approved PLU's for produce.  We exclude non-WIC items such as herbs, spices, etc.  You can find the standard, approved PLUs at the following website: www.ifpsglobal.com​.

If you believe a food should be added to this list, please click on the Submit Foods tab​ for instructions on submitting a food for review.