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​​​​​​​​Tribal Liaison​​​

Medicaid and Long-Term Care (MLTC) has dedicated tribal liaisons who act as the point of contact for information and issues that affect Medicaid beneficiaries who are also members of or affiliated with the Tribes in Nebraska. The liaisons serve as MLTC's main point of contact for outreach and communication with the Tribes. They also play a lead role in facilitating Nebraska's tribal consultation process.

​Liaison Contact Information

​You can reach MLTC's tribal liaisons at the following emails:

Nebraska's Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) also have their own tribal liaisons. Their contact information is listed below. Learn more about Nebraska's MCOs.

Tribal Consultation​​​​

MLTC meets on a quarterly basis with representatives of the Omaha, Ponca, Santee Sioux and Winnebago Tribes, as well as with the CMS Native American contact and the MCO tribal liaisons. These meetings are held to discuss relevant Medicaid/CHIP matters that impact the Tribes and to invite discussion and comments for consideration.​

  • On September 1, 2010, MLTC implemented a policy regarding seeking consultation from all federally ​recognized Tribes, Indian Health Service and Urban Indian Organizations within the state regarding State Plan Amendments (SPA), proposals for demonstrations, and waivers, including proposed extensions, amendments and renewals, which may have an impact on those entities. All proposed SPA's, waivers, and demonstrations will be sent to the Tribes for comment, not just those that are anticipated to directly impact the Tribes.

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Vie​​w the public archive of Tribal Consultation meeting minutes.

Tribal/Medicaid Monthly Meetings​​​ ​

These monthly meetings are separate from tribal consultations and are a place for providers to raise issues that they have encountered and work with Medicaid to resolve them. This is an opportunity for providers to address billing questions and get clarification on new guidance and existing expectations.

View the public archive of Tribal/Medicaid meeting minutes.​​

Tribal ​​​Case Care/Benefit Coordinator Meetings

These meetings are a place for Medicaid to partner with case care and benefit coordinators at Tribal Health Facilities in order to understand how Medicaid can assist them in their operations. Additionally, it is a place for those coordinators to learn and be equipped with knowledge of Nebraska Medicaid that will help them assist the beneficiaries they work with.​ ​

​​​View the public archive of Case Care/Benefit Coordinator meeting minutes​.