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There are many decisions young adults must make to plan for life after high school. These materials and resources help young adults with developmental disabilities make decisions about supports. 

Ready, Set, Go! can help:

  • Transition students and young adults who are eligible for services through DDD.
  • Family members and friends of eligible persons.
  • IEP team members and others working with transition students and young adults.


Resources for students to begin making decisions.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Ready!  Answers questions about services available through DDD.
  • Nebraska Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) - A group of young leaders who want to make a difference in the lives of other students with disabilities. NYLC believes that young people should have a voice in the things that affect them. They hope to improve services provided to young people. NYLC is co-sponsored by the Nebraska Departments of Vocational Rehabilitation and Special Education. Visit the NYLC Facebook page.    
  • Transition Website – The Nebraska Department of Education provides information and resources for those who assist students with the transition from school to adult living.     
  • “I'm Determined" (Virginia Department of Education) - Information for youth with disabilities. Focuses on promoting self-advocacy skills. Features videos, informational materials, and workbooks. 
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Helps participants who want to self-direct.

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Helps participants with the ongoing task of self-directing services.

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Choose your supports.     Create your life.     Realize your dreams.

The Ready, Set, Go! Transition Series was developed through grant project DD-11-2006, funded by the Nebraska Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities. Grant project coordinators were Lloya Fritz and Mary O'Hare. The Division of Developmental Disabilities was given ownership of the information fall 2016.