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What you need to know

​​​​In August 2018, the Olmstead Steering Group was formed and began meeting. They were initially tasked with drafting Nebraska's first Olmstead plan, in collaboration with the Olmstead Advisory Group.​ Currently, the Steering Group is overseeing the implementation of the Olmstead plan and making decisions about​ revisions of future plans.

What Does the Steering Group do?

The Steering Group developed a comprehensive strategic plan for providing services to people with disabilities in integrated community-based settings. They monitor the implementation of the plan and the impact the plan has on the lives of people with disabilities.​

The group provides oversight for revisions of the Olmstead Plan. They consider recommendations made by Olmstead workgroups and make decisions​, with the Advisory Committee, on how to best revise the Olmstead Plan. They maintain procedures for a clear decision-making process. ​

The group ensures interagency coordination implementation and revisions.  View the Steering Group Charter.


State Agencies Assigned to the Steering Group

The Chief Executive Officer of DHHS gathers the group. The Steering Group initially constituted representatives from the agencies outlined in Neb. Rev. Stat. § 81-6,122:

Additionally, the following members have been invited to and are members of the Steering Group:


Member Representative Duties

Each member assigns a representative from their agency to serve on the Steering Committee. DHHS maintains a list of members and representatives. The representatives:

  • Attend Steering Group meetings;
  • Serve on workgroups as requested;
  • Prepare for participation in discussion and decision-making by consulting the member and reviewing meeting materials;
  • Act as the liaison between the Steering Group and the member;
  • Inform the member about Steering Group activities and actions;
  • Ensure the member takes appropriate steps to further progress on the Olmstead Plan goals, outcomes, data collection, and action steps/strategies; and
  • Perform such duties as required to fulfill the obligations of the Steering Group.