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The Medical Care Advisory Committee (MCAC) is a group including Medicaid beneficiaries, advocates, and providers that works together to make recommendations to the Medicaid program. ​

Medicaid is still seeking applicants to serve on the committee who are Medicaid members or their advocates. For more details on how to apply, see 'Committee Documents' below.

Committee Documents 

Current Members

Representing Medicaid providers:
  • Kenny McMorris
  • Amy Fish
  • Jay Fleecs
  • Amy Nordness
  • Staci Hubert
  • Jessica Meeske, D.D.S. (Committee Chair)
  • Jason Petik
  • Jeanne Burke

Representing Medicaid members:
  • Frank Herzog
  • Karma Boll (Committee Vice-Chair)
  • Vietta Swalley
  • Melanie Davis
  • Sue Misselt
  • Shawn Shanahan

2022 Meetings 

Minutes marked as draft are up for approval at committee's next meeting. 

January 27, 2022

April ​​​2​1,​ 2022

June 23, 2022

With any questions, please reach us at ​