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What is the purpose of the Nebraska Quality Project?

The purpose of the Nebraska Quality Project is to improve the quality of services provided to participants and families, and to improve their quality of life. 

As a participant or family member, how can I find out more about the Nebraska Quality Project?

There are many ways you can find out information and be involved:

  • You can attend meetings. 
  • You can email questions or concerns. 
  • You can subscribe to the DDD Liberty page to receive notifications when new information is posted.

Will participants receive fewer services because of the Nebraska Quality Project?

No. Participants will continue to receive all services identified in their person-centered plan.

How will service planning change as a result of the Nebraska Quality Project?

Participants and their families will be encouraged to identify and describe what is important to them to build a good life, and what supports and services they want to help them achieve a good life. Tools will be used to help with that process.

How will things change for providers as a result of the Nebraska Quality Project?

Providers will have more technical support provided to them. They will be expected to engage in continuous quality improvement to help build provider capacity and the capability to prove higher quality services to participants.

Where can I find the Notification of Death Form? When does it need to be sent back?

The Notification of Death Form is in the form section on the Provider page​. Providers are required to complete it with all available information. There is a yellow box at the bottom of the form to submit; choose which email you want it sent from, and it will automatically send to​.

The form must be completed and submitted within ten days of a participant's death.

Why does Liberty do a Mortality Review?

The goal of the mortality review is to determine if all necessary and reasonable measures were taken to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of the participant. 

Mortality reviews are completed for any participant receiving a Medicaid HCBS Waiver service or living at Beatrice State Developmental Center (BSDC). 

GER Guide Update - FAQs for DD Providers 

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