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​​​​​​​​This page helps you provide important services to Medicaid HCBS DD Waiver participants. Resources can be used at any time as long as you are providing services. Be sure​ to also use the main Provider page, the Training page and the Resources page.

Information for DD Independent Providers

Billing - Billing is done on Therap. Therap ensures accurate and prompt billing and payments. Information about Therap is on the main Provider page.

DHHS Secure Mail User Guide - How to send secure emails. Any emails with confidential information must be sent securely.

Habilitation Program Writing - Live online training for independent providers on how to write Habilitation Programs. 

How to Become an Independent Provider for DD Services - Explains developmental disability services, provider qualifications and how to become an independent provider.

Independent Provider Adding Services - Process for current DD providers - How an independent provider adds a new service through Maximus.

Therap FAQs for Independent Providers - Therap answers your questions about service authorizations, billing, attendance and programs.

Therap's Nebraska Independent Provider page - This page includes much information, including training events organized by DDD Provider Relations.