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Medicaid & Long-Term Care

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The State Unit on Aging oversees a number of service providers. This page contains COVID-19 information, guidance, online resources, and other tools for these service providers. Public resources can be found on the Resources for You page.

Quick Updates

  • New PeerPlace Service Types: COVID19 Food Delivery & COVID19 Goods Delivery are available.
  • Updated Frequently Asked Questions - Answers updated to reflect the Major Disaster Declaration.
  • Updated Service and Funding Tracking PPT updates with Major Disaster Declaration edits.

Service Provider COVID-19 Guidance

Budget Request and Revision Template.xlsxBudget Request and Revision TemplateUpdated on 4/1/2020 to reflect new funding sources.
COVID-19 Services + Reporting.pdfCOVID-19 Services + ReportingFinal guidance for COVID-19 Service Tracking.
Forms A and E FY 2022.xlsxForms A and E FY 2022
Frequently Asked Questions.pdfFrequently Asked QuestionsUpdated on 5/29/20 to reflect all PPT questions.
HDM Service Type Flow Chart.pdfHDM Service Type Flow ChartNavigate which Home Delivered Meal Service Type to use.
Major Disaster Declaration PPT.pdfMajor Disaster Declaration PPT4/8/2020 PPT reviews Major Disaster Declaration effects on Federal Funding.
New Service Form.docxNew Service FormUpdated 5/1/2020 - Removed CARES-C1.
NSIP Eligibility  Flow Chart.pdfNSIP Eligibility Flow ChartFlow Chart to determine NSIP Eligibility.
NSIP Meal Form FFY 2021.xlsxNSIP Meal Form FFY 2021
NSIP Meal Form FFY2020.xlsxNSIP Meal Form FFY2020Form updated with COVID19 TGM lines.
Service and Funding Tracking PPT.pdfService and Funding Tracking PPT3/27/2020 PPT updated to reflect Major Disaster Declaration on 4/14/2020.
TGM Service Type Flow Chart.pdfTGM Service Type Flow ChartCoronavirus To Go Meal Guidance - NSIP funding added.
Title III Transfers.pdfTitle III TransfersJob Aid describes how Title III Transfers work.

Federal & State Resources for COVID-19

 State Unit on Aging 
Medicaid & Long-Term Care / Department of Health & Human Services
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(402) 471-2307
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(402) 742-8388
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 95026, Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-5026