Veterans' Homes 
    The Admission Process

What is the Admission Process?

Applications for possible admission to the Home must be evaluated .

  • The Home of first choice pre-screens the applicant. The Home uses this information and the date the application was received to place the applicant on the waiting list.
    • As a bed becomes available in the appropriate level of care, the applicant is contacted and offered admission to the Home. Applicants who do not respond within the seven calendar days are considered to have declined the offer of admission.
    • If admission is desired, appointments are made to screen the applicant either by phone or in person.
    • Those applicants who do not currently desire admission will be placed on the inactive waiting list, or they can ask to have their application canceled.
    • Every effort will be made to contact applicants via telephone, or through CVSO. If contact can not be made, a certified letter is sent to the last known address. If the applicants do not respond within seven calendar days the System considers the application canceled.
  • The actual date of admission to the Home is agreed upon by both the applicant and the Home.

What is the Criteria for Admission?

The Nebraska Veterans’ Homes are authorized by the VA to provide Domiciliary and Skilled Nursing Care. Applicants must, at a minimum, meet the requirements for admission to a home.

  • Domiciliary Care means the member’s medical condition is stable and predictable without requiring daily nursing supervision.
  • Skilled Nursing Care means medical care, skilled nursing supervision, rehabilitation or related services and associated treatment are provided.
  • Assisted living, a level of care between Domiciliary Care and Skilled Nursing Care, is provided only when resources at the Home allow for it. Where resources do not allow for Assisted Living, applicants may be denied admission until their needs fall under the VA criteria for Domiciliary or Skilled Nursing Care.
  • A Home may be unable to meet the needs of an applicant based on either psychosocial or physical needs. Examples include physical structure of the facility, or care needs greater than the facility can provide. If this happens, referrals to other Homes in the System will be made or the applicant may choose to be moved to Inactive status until the needs of the applicant can be met.
  • Non-veteran members (spouses, widow(er)s, and Gold Star parents) are required to pay for their medical expenses through Medicare, private or supplemental insurance, or the ability to pay.


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