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We envision an empowering, capable, and malleable coordination of prevention and care that reduces the incidence, economic burden and long-term consequences of STDs/HIV and related epidemics. This system will recognize the association between STDs/HIV and larger social issues and the consequential need for a united response.
As part of this system, our programmatic structure is designed to enable effective and open communication among and between all of Public Health’s working parts. We identify people as complete beings who enjoy a multitude of abilities and needs, with contributions to make, and desires for a fully creative and nurturing life. In working together we supply quality tools and services that adapt proactively to current health care trends. 
Our mission is to prevent, treat, and/or control the spread of STD/HIV in order to protect the health of the residents of Nebraska. In line with this mission, we secure, distribute, and manage fiscal and in-kind resources so that local health professionals and organizations may:
  • Provide STD/HIV disease prevention education and information
  • Gather, interpret, and distribute morbidity data relating to drive/support program resource allocation;
  • Make available technical support and guidance to those who oversee, plan for, or provide STD/HIV services;
  • Provide medication and screening/testing provisions to prevent, manage, and treat communicable diseases; and
  • Facilitate collaboration between researchers, practitioners and funders to improve provider practice.
In pursuit of this mission, we will make every effort to assure that the people of Nebraska receive quality holistic services.
Confidentiality and Surveillance
STD reports are strictly confidential. In Nebraska, as in most states, syphilis; gonorrhea; HIV/AIDS; and chlamydia are reported to the appropriate health department. Laboratories and health care providers provide the health department with information for controlling and preventing sexually transmitted diseases. Prompt reporting and accurate identification is important:
  • for clients that may need treatment,
  • for identifying sex partners who may be infected, and
  • for monitoring disease trends.


2015 STD Treatment Guidelines​
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STD Services in Nebraska
The two county health departments in
Lincoln and Omaha operate confidential STD clinics. HIV testing is also available at these locations. A testing fee is charged unless the client is unable to pay.
Omaha: (402) 444-7750

Lincoln: (402) 441-8065

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Intervention and prevention activities
This program supports Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) services at Nebraska DHHS (Central Office), Douglas County Health Department, and Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department.  DIS are Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) trained health professionals who provide:
·         confidential;
·         culturally competent disease intervention and prevention services;
·         offer STD testing and treatment referral-free or low cost; and
·         extend STD testing and treatment referral for partners, associate, and suspected companions.
Data and Education
The program makes available the latest guidelines regarding sexually transmitted diseases and their diagnosis and treatment to Nebraska's STD health care providers. Information and educational materials and posters are distributed to screening sites and community agencies.
Testing people who have no signs or symptoms of illness is important in the control of STDs. The Nebraska Infertility Prevention Program works with cooperating family planning and health care facilities throughout the state testing 30,000 persons per year for chlamydia and gonorrhea.




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For more information, contact:
STD Program
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
P.O. Box 95026
Lincoln, NE 68509-5007
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