License Information System

Licensure Unit provides Web site access to licensure information for credentialed persons, health care facilities and services and child care programs. The information on the Web site allows for verification of the status of a Nebraska issued credential (license, certification, or registration); and the licensure information is:
  • A true and correct copy of the State of Nebraska licensure database;
  • Updated nightly to reflect any changes;
  • Accessible as "read only"; and
  • Protected by a secure firewall.


Starting January 1, 2011, the Licensure Unit will add inspection and disciplinary action information to our lookup site for nursing home and assisted-living facility records as the inspection or action is taken.  When you search for a nursing home or assisted-living facility at, if an inspection or disciplinary action has been taken since January 1, 2011, the following documents will be available in the Actions Taken section of the facility record:  Statement of Deficiencies and Plan of Correction, Licensure Disciplinary Actions, and Federal Remedial Actions. 

You may search for a person or facility/service with a full name or a partial names followed by an asterisk “*” character. For example, searching for the first name Jo* and last name Smith would match anyone with a first name that starts with Jo (John, Joseph, Joan) and a last name of Smith.  If you are searching for a facility/service and enter *Elizabeth*, any facility whose name includes "Elizabeth" will appear, such as "Elizabeth Barrett Browning Medical Center".

If your search is too broad, you will be prompted to enter more specific information. Not all elements are required to perform a search.

Federal Controlled Substances (DEA) Registrant Information can be accessed by credentialing organizations, hospitals, and pharmacies after obtaining a User ID and Password. To obtain a User ID and Password contact the Licensure Unit by e-mail at

In addition to General License Information this version of the data contains Federal Controlled Substances Registration numbers and expiration dates for health care providers that hold a Nebraska license and have submitted proof of holding such Federal Registration. Federal controlled substances (DEA) registrant information is validated on licenses at the time of issuance and updated on a quarterly basis.

Federal Controlled Substance (DEA) Registrant

Only license types with active records are listed below.  The license lookup site does contain license types that are no longer being issued, or have had a name change: eg APRN-CRNA used to be called Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, EMT A/D are no longer being issued but the inactive records can be searched for on our lookup site.

Individual include:

Alcohol and Drug Counselor
  Alcohol and Drug Counselor
  Provisional Alcohol and Drug Counselor

  Asbestos Inspector
  Asbestos Management Planner
  Asbestos Project Designer
  Asbestos Supervisor
  Asbestos Worker
  Limited Management Planner
  Limited Project Designer
  Project Monitor

Assisted-Living Administrator
  Assisted-Living Administrator

Athletic Training
  Athletic Trainer

Audiology/Speech Language Path
  Audiology Assistant
  Audiology Assistant Supervisor
  Hearing Instrument Specialist/A
  Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
  Speech-Language Assistant Supervisor
  Speech-Language Pathologist
  Temporary Audiologist
  Temporary Speech-Language Pathologist

Body Art
  Body Brander
  Body Piercer
  Permanent Color Technician
  Tattoo Artist


  Apprentice Cosmetologist
  Cosmetology Instructor
  Electrology Instructor
  Esthetics Instructor
  Student Cosmetologist
  Student Cosmetology Instructor
  Student Electrologist
  Student Electrology Instructor
  Student Esthetician
  Student Esthetics Instructor
  Temporary Cosmetology Practitioner
  Temporary Electrology Practitioner
  Temporary Esthetician Practitioner

  Dental Faculty License
  Dental Hygienist
  Dental Locum Tenens
  General Anesthesia Permit
  Inhalation Analgesia Permit
  Local Anesthesia Certification
  Parenteral Sedation Permit
  Public Health Authorization for Treating Children
  Public Health Authorization for Treating Children & Adults
  Temporary Dentist

Emergency Medical Care
  Advanced EMT
  Emergency Medical Responder
  EMT Instructor
  First Responder
Environmental Hlth Specialist
  Provisional Environmental Health Spec
  Registered Environmental Health Spec

Funeral Directing
  Apprentice – Full
  Apprentice – Split 1
  Apprentice – Split 2
  Funeral Director
  Funeral Director and Embalmer

Hearing Instrument Specialists
  Hearing Instrument Specialists
  Temporary Hearing Instrument Specialist

  Elevated Blood Lead Level Investigator
  Lead Abatement Inspector
  Lead Abatement Project Designer
  Lead Abatement Risk Assessor
  Lead Abatement Supervisor
  Lead Abatement Worker
  Visual Lead Hazard Advisor

Massage Therapy
  Massage Therapist
  Temporary Massage Therapist

Medical Nutrition Therapy
  Medical Nutrition Therapist

  Genetic Counselor  
  Osteopathic Physician & Surgeon
  Physician Assistant
  Physician Assistant Supervisor
  Physician Locum Tenens
  Provisional Genetic Counselor
  Temporary Educational Permit
  Temporary Perfusionist
  Temporary Physician Assistant
  Temporary Visiting Faculty Permit

Mental Health Practice
  Independent Mental Health Practitioner
  Marriage & Family Therapist
  Master Social Worker
  Master Social Worker – CMSW
  Mental Health Practitioner
  Professional Counselor
  Provisional Master Social Worker
  Provisional Mental Health Practitioner
  Social Worker
  Supervised Marriage & Family Therapist

Nail Technology
  Nail Technician
  Nail Technology Instructor
  Nail Technology Temporary Practitioner

  APRN – Certified Nurse Midwife
  APRN – Certified Nurse Midwife Temporary
  APRN – Clinical Nurse Specialist
  APRN – CRNA Temporary
  APRN – Nurse Practitioner
  APRN – Nurse Practitioner Temporary
  APRN – Nurse Practitioner/Practice
  APRN – Nurse Practitioner/Practice Temp
  Certified Licensed Practical Nurse
  Licensed Practical Nurse
  LPN – Refresher Temporary
  LPN – Compact Privilege
  Registered Nurse
  Registered Nurse – Temporary
  RN – Refresher Temporary
  RN – Compact Privilege
  Temporary Licensed Practical Nurse

Nursing Home Administration
  Administrator Overseeing more than 1 NH
  NHA Administrator-in-Training
  NHA Mentoring Trainee
  NHA Preceptor
  Nursing Home Administrator
  Provisional Nursing Home Administrator

Nursing Support
  Medication Aide
  Medication Aide – 20 Hour
  Medication Aide – 40 Hour
  Nurse Aide
  Nurse Aide ICF – MR Only
  Paid Dining Assistant

Occupational Therapy
  Deep Thermal Agents
  Electrotherapeutic Agents
  Occupational Therapist
  Occupational Therapy Assistant
  Superficial Thermal Agents
  Temp OT
  Temp OTA

  Diagnostic Certification
  Therapeutic Certification

  Certified Preceptor
  Dispensing Practitioner Pharmacy License
  Pharmacist Intern
  Pharmacy Technician
  Provisional Dispensing Pract Pharm Lic
  Temporary educational Permit

Physical Therapy
  Physical Therapist
  Physical Therapist Assistant


  30 Days Temporary Practice
  Provisionally Licensed Psychologist
  Psychological Assistant
  Psychologist Associate
  Special License Supervisory Registration
  Special Psychologist
  Supervisory PLMHP Registration
  Supervisory Registration Form
  Temporary Psychologist

  Limited CT Radiographer
  Limited Radiographer
  Medical Radiographer
  Podiatric Limited Radiographer
  Temporary Limited CT Radiographer
  Temporary Medical Radiographer

  Radon Measurement Specialist
  Radon Mitigation Specialist

Respiratory Care
  Respiratory Care Practitioner

Swimming Pool Operator
  Swimming Pool Operator

Veterinary Medicine
  Animal Therapist
  Temporary Veterinarian
  Veterinary Technician

Water Operator
  Grade I Water Operator
  Grade II Water Operator
  Grade III Water Operator
  Grade IV Water Operator
  Grade V Water Operator
  Grade VI Water Operator
  Provisional Grade I
  Provisional Grade II Water Operator
  Provisional Grade III Water Operator
  Provisional Grade IV Water Operator

Well Driller
  Natural Resource Ground Water Tech
  Pump Installation Contractor
  Pump Installation Supervisor
  Temporary Hardship
  Water Well Monitoring Technician
  Well Drilling Contractor
  Well Drilling Supervisor

Business/Service include:


  Asbestos Business Entity 
  Asbestos Business Entity – Waivered

Body Art
  Body Art Facility

Cancer Drug Repository Program
  Participant Registry - Health Clinic
  Participant Registry – Hospital
  Participant Registry – Pharmacy
  Participant Registry – Physician Office

Child Welfare
  Child Caring Agency
  Child Placing Agency
  Group Home

  Apprentice Training Salon
  Cosmetic Establishment
  Cosmetology Salon
  Cosmetology Salon Consideration Cert
  Esthetics Salon
  Esthetics Salon Consideration Cert
  Guest Artists (CE Speakers)
  Home Service Permit
  Satellite Classroom
  School of Cosmetology
  School of Esthetics


Early Childhood
  Child Care Center
  Family Child Care Home I
  Family Child Care Home II
  Provisional Child Care Center
  Provisional Child Care Home I
  Provisional Child Care Home II
  Provisional Preschool

Emergency Medical Care
  EMS Advanced Service
  EMS Basic Service
  EMS Training Agency

Funeral Directing
  Branch Establishment
  Funeral Establishment

  Lead Based Paint Firm
  Lead Based Paint Firm (Consulting)

Massage Therapy
  Massage Therapy Establishment
  Massage Therapy School
  Out-of-State Massage Therapy Training

Nail Technology
  Cosmetology School Teaching NT
  Guest Artists (CE Speakers)
  Nail Technology Home Services Permit
  Nail Technology Salon
  Nail Technology Salon Consideration Cert
  Nail Technology School

  Community Pharmacy License
  Delegated Dispensing Permit
  Long Term Care Automated Pharmacy License
  Mail Service Pharmacy Permit
  Mail-Order Ophthalmic Provider
  Provisional Pharmacy License
  Public Hlth Clinic with Drug Disp Permit
  Wholesale Drug Distributor

  Radon Measurement Business
  Radon Mitigation Business

Veterinary Medicine
  Provisional Veterinary Drug Distributor
  Veterinary Drug Distributor

Facility/Services include:

  Adult Day Service
  Ambulatory Surgical Center
  Assisted-Living Facility
  Center for Developmentally Disabled
  Community Health Centers
  Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Centers
  DD Waivered Provider
  DD – Home & Community Based Waiver
  End Stage Renal Disease Facilities
  Federally Qualified Health Center
  Health Clinic
  Health Maint Organization
  Home Health Agency (HHA)
  ICF/MR Licensure
  Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded
  Mental Health Center
  Nursing Home (NH)
  Organ Procurement Organizations
  Outpatient Physical Therapy/Speech Pathology
  Physical Therapist Indep. Practice
  Portable X-Ray Suppliers
  Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities
  Respite Care Service
  Rural Health Clinics
  Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Licensing Information

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