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Questions & Answers on Regulations

Questions & Answers (Q&A) on the Regulations have been written to assist licensees, directors, and staff to better understand the regulations. These questions have been asked by licensees across the state during “Training on the New Regulations” or have come to the Administrator, Child Care Licensing Supervisors, or Child Care Inspection Specialists.

Please take the time to review the Q&A for the type of license you have been issued:
• Family Child Care Home I and Family Child Care Home II
• Child Care Center
• School-Age-Only Center
• Preschool

If you have a question that is not addressed in the four Q& A, please send your question to:
Training for Licensees/Directors on the New Preschool Regulations
Training on the new regulations for Licensees/Directors of Preschools is now available on the Child Care Licensing Web Page and includes the following:
• 60 Minute video describing  the changes to the Preschool Regulations
• Four (4) Attachments that address specific changes in the Preschool regulations: 
          1. Written Policies, Procedures, and Descriptions
          2. Required Background Checks  
          3. Frequently asked Questions on New Training Requirements
          4.  Reportable Communicable Diseases
• Questions and Answers on New Regulations – Preschools (391 NAC Chapter 5)
• Certificate for two clock hours of training
Preschool Licensees/Directors who have any questions about the changes in the Preschool Regulations may contact their Child Care Inspection Specialist, Child Care Licensing Supervisor, or Diane Kvasnicka, Program Manager, at:


Nebraska law requires any individual who provides child care to four or more children from different families at any one time to become licensed. The Department of Health & Human Services, Division of Public Health, issues four separate child care and preschool licenses:

License Types:

Family Child Care Home I: Program in the home of the provider; maximum capacity is eight children of mixed ages and two additional school age children during non-school hours.

Family Child Care Home II: Program in the home of the provider or another site; maximum capacity is twelve with two providers.

Child Care Center: Program licensed for at least 13 children

Preschool: Program providing educational services where children do not nap and are not fed a meal.

School Age Only Center: Program licensed for at least 13 children who are attending or have attended school.


Parent Information:

License Lookup

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Helpful Information for Parents When Choosing Child Care

Listings and Labels

Negative Actions Against Childcare Providers

Regulations - This title addresses activities to license child care providers and to support those providers with resource information and technical assistance.

Requesting Copies of Inspections


General Information About Child Care Licensing:

Child Care Licensed Facilities and Capacities

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Helpful Resources for Child Care Programs and Parents

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