Veterinary Medicine and Surgery


Anyone practicing veterinary medicine and surgery in this state and not specifically excepted by  Nebraska Revised Statute §38-3321 must be licensed in Nebraska as a veterinarian.  Veterinary Medicine and Surgery is defined in  Nebraska Revised Statute §38-3312 (1-4).   A veterinarian is a person who has received a doctor’s degree in veterinary medicine from an accredited school of veterinary medicine or its equivalent.  A veterinarian can practice veterinary surgery, obstetrics, dentistry, and all other branches or specialties of veterinary medicine.

A veterinarian diagnoses, treats, corrects, changes, relieves, or prevents animal disease, deformity, defect, injury, or other physical or mental conditions, including the prescription or administration of any drug, medicine, biologic, apparatus, application, anesthetic, or other therapeutic or diagnostic substance or technique, and the use of any manual or mechanical procedure for testing for pregnancy or for correcting sterility or infertility.  Veterinary medicine and surgery shall not be practiced without a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship as defined by  Nebraska Revised Statute §38-3316.
Veterinary Technician

Veterinary Technicians perform delegated animal health care tasks under the supervision of veterinarians. Only a licensed veterinary technician may advertise or offer his or her services in a manner that leads others to believe that he or she is a veterinary technician.  A veterinary technician is a person who has graduated from an AVMA accredited Veterinary Technician School or program, and has a passing score on the Veterinary Technician Examination (VTNE).

Veterinary Technician (Temporary)

A temporary license may be granted for no more than one (1) to a person who has graduated from an AVMA  accredited Veterinary Technician School or program, pending the results of a passing score on the Veterinary Technician Examination (VTNE). 

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