A pharmacist is a person who is licensed by the State of Nebraska to practice pharmacy.   Pharmacists interpret and implement medical orders, compound and dispense prescription drugs and devices, perform drug product selection and drug utilization review, and provide patient counseling.  Pharmacists are also authorized to administer drugs and devices and can provide pharmaceutical care through agreements with physicians.
A pharmacist intern is:
  • A  student currently enrolled in an accredited pharmacy program;
  • A graduate of an accredited pharmacy program serving his or her internship; or
  • A graduate of a pharmacy program located outside the United States which is not accredited and who has successfully passed equivalency examinations approved by the Board of Pharmacy

A pharmacist intern may compound and dispense drugs or devices and fill prescriptions only in the presence of and under the immediate personal supervision of a licensed pharmacist.   Pharmacist interns must be registered by the Department. 

A pharmacy technician is a person who is at least 18 years of age; is a high school graduate or officially recognized by the State Department of Education as possessing the equivalent degree of education; has never been convicted of any non-alcohol, drug-related misdemeanor or felony; and is registered by the Department as a pharmacy technician.
A pharmacy technician may only perform tasks which do not require professional judgment and which are subject to verification to assist a pharmacist in the practice of pharmacy.  




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