Advisory Opinions

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The Board of Nursing may issue or decline to issue advisory opinions defining acts which in the opinion of the Board are or are not permitted in the practice of nursing. These opinions are informational only and are nonbinding.

If an advisory opinion determines that a specific activity is permitted in the practice of nursing, nurses are still accountable to be competent for all nursing care that they provide.  Competence means the ability of the nurse to apply interpersonal, technical and decision-making skills at the level of knowledge consistent with the prevailing standard for the nursing activity being applied.  Accountability includes acknowledgement of personal limitations in knowledge and skills, and communicating the need for specialized instruction prior to providing any nursing activity.  If a nurse does not personally have the competence to perform an activity, that activity is not permitted for that particular nurse regardless of the determination of the advisory opinion.
To request an advisory opinion, contact the Licensure Unit’s Nursing Practice Consultant.



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