Nursing Home Administrator

Applications, Requirements and Fees (Individuals)



Initial License: 
Chapter 106 Regulations Governing the Practice of Nursing Home Administrators
Statutes Relating to Nursing Home Administrators
  1. Hold a current license as a Nursing Home Administrator in another state or jurisdiction;
  2. Be at least 19 years old; and
  3. Be a U.S Citizen or /Lawfully Presence.
Oversee Up to 3 Facilities:
  1. Submit the appropriate application before overseeing more than 1 application and obtain approval from the Department.
  2. The travel time between the two facilities the farthest apart must not exceed 2 hours.  Travel time must be by motor vehicle.  Air time is not considered travel time for this purpose;
  3. The distance between the 2 facilities the farthest apart must not exceed 150 miles; and
  4. The combined total number of beds in the facilities must not exceed 200.
Please review the application instructions carefully as they provide additional information relating to the requirements to obtain a license.




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