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Applications, Requirements & Fees (Individuals)
Massage Therapy License/Temporary License Application
•  172 NAC 81 - Regulations for Massage Therapists
•  172 NAC 82 - Regulations for Massage Therapy Establishments
•  172 NAC 83 - Regulations for Massage Therapy Schools
NOTE: Please review the application instructions carefully as they provide additional information relating to the requirements to obtain a license.
Massage Therapist:
  1. Be at least 19 years old
  2. Have completed a course of study in massage therapy (at least 1,000 hours) in not less than 9 months.
    a.  100 hours in each of the following areas:  
      (1)  Anatomy;
      (2)  Health Service Management;
      (3)  Hydrotherapy;
      (4)  Hygiene and Practical Demonstration;
      (5)  Massage;
      (6)  Pathology;
      (7)  Physiology; and
    b.  The remaining 300 hours must be in subject areas related to the clinical practice of massage therapy.

    By Reciprocity (licensed in another state):  An applicant who is licensed in another state and has not completed 1,000 hours of training in massage therapy, may obtain hours to equal the required 1,000 hours of training through a massage therapy program, a college/university, work experience and/or continuing education. The applicant is not required to have attained the required hours in each of the areas listed above.  Hour equivalents may be granted in the following manner:

      (1) 50-60 minutes equals 1 hour obtained from a course of study in massage therapy;
      (2) 1 semester credit hour of massage therapy related college/university hours equals 15 hours;
      (3) 100 hours for each year of full time practice as a massage therapist; and/or
      (4) Up to 100 hours obtained from NCBTMB or FSMTB approved continuing education programs.

   3. Have passed the NCBTMB or FSMTB Examination.

By Reciprocity (licensed in another state):  An applicant who is licensed in another state must also pass the Board developed jurisprudence examination, with a score of at least 75%.  


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