Mental Health & Social Work Practice

Types of credentials issued by Nebraska:

Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (PLMHP) is a person who needs to obtain the required 3000 hours of supervised experience in mental health practice in Nebraska.

Provisional Certification as a Master Social Worker (PCMSW) is a person who needs to obtain the required 3000 hours of supervised experience in social work in Nebraska.

Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner includes diagnosis & treatment of major mental illness/disorders, without supervision or consultation.
Licensed Mental Health Practitioner does NOT include:  Diagnosing major mental illness or disorder except in consultation with a licensed independent mental health practitioner, qualified physician or licensed clinical psychologist.
For information on “exemptions” from Licensure, please see Regulations: 172 NAC 94

Certification Types (title protected):
• Certified Professional Counselor
• Certified Marriage and Family Therapist
• Certified Master Social Worker
• Certified Social Worker (no exam required)
Marriage and Family Therapists and Master Social Workers require specific supervision requirements. 
Click here for regulations.

CMSW or CSW:  Anyone may provide “Social Work” activities/services. Social Work activities DO NOT require Certification (or Licensure) however you MUST BE CERTIFIED in Nebraska in order to represent yourself as a Social Worker in Nebraska. 

Social Work is the professional application of social work values, knowledge, principles, and methods in all areas of social work practice.  CSW’s cannot practice privately, or independently, or autonomously and cannot provide mental health services.

*Adding a Certification to your License allows you to use a different “Title”- it DOES NOT offer a different scope of practice/activity.  

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