crl Dental Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Thirty (30) hours of acceptable continuing education earned during the preceding 24-month period prior to the license expiration date are required to renew your license.
A continuing education audit will be performed after the renewal. If you are randomly selected for an audit to provide proof of continuing education, you will be notified by mail at a later date.

Retain all documentation of continuing education activities completed for the renewal of your credential for at least 4 years.

All general anesthesia/deep sedation/moderate sedation permit holders are required to attend at least 6 hours of continuing education directly related to the administration and management of anesthesia/sedation for the dental office.

The Board of Dentistry expects licensees to attend acceptable continuing education courses.  Acceptable continuing education courses are located in 172 NAC 56.
***Do NOT submit continuing education certificates to this office unless you are requested to do so.*** 









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