crl Childcare Licensing Amendments

Child Care Licensing


Amendment – Notification of Changes for:

 Family Child Care I or II
Child Care Center
School-Age-Only Center

A licensee (owner of the program) must notify the Department and complete the required paper work when there is a change of:

• Household Membership; to add or change
  • Location
  • Days of Operation
  • Hours of Operation
  • Licensed Age Range
  • Name of Program
  • Capacity Total
  • Space Usage; to add or change (Not change in Location)
  • Name of Licensee
  • Staff or Volunteer; to add or change
  • Preferred Mailing Address
  • Change of Director *Child Care Center, School-Age-Only Center, Preschool ONLY*
  • Primary Provider *Family Child Care Home I or II ONLY*
When amending an application please go to the appropriate Amendment to an Application documents on the Forms page for the application and instructions.  


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