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Worker Health and Safety

News and Alerts


2014 National Work Zone Awareness Week is April 7-11. Work zones are hazardous both for motorists and for workers who build, repair, and maintain streets, bridges, and highways. For more information, visit Highway Work Zone Safety on the CDC's website.


EPA proposes new safety measures to protect farm workers from pesticide exposure
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced proposed revisions to the Worker Protection Standard in order to protect the nation’s two million farm workers and their families from pesticide exposure. Read the press release.


Fatal work-related injuries increased in 2012
Preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that 48 fatal work-related injuries occurred in 2012 in Nebraska, which was an increase from 39 fatalities in 2011.


Winter is here!
Workers who are exposed to extreme cold or work in cold environments may be at risk of cold stress. Extreme cold weather is a dangerous situation that can bring on health emergencies in susceptible people, such as those without shelter, outdoor workers, and those who work in an area that is poorly insulated or without heat. View more information about cold stress CDC's Cold Stress Page


Two new lead brochures now available
The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services Occupational Safety and Health Surveillance Program recently developed and published two new brochures on lead poisoning prevention. The brochures, Preventing Lead Poisoning in Adults and Lead Dust Clean-Up and Control, describe risk factors and health information and provide recommendations for reducing lead exposures. View the brochures here.


CDC developed a new training course: Workplace Violence Prevention for Nurses
CDC has developed a training course "Workplace Violence Prevention for Nurses" to help healthcare workers better understand violence in the workplace. The training course can be found on the CDC's Occupational Violence page.


The U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers announces new YouTube Channel
The U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers YouTube Channel is a joint effort of all 10 Agricultural Centers funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The Ag Centers have created over 50 videos pertaining to working safely in agriculture, forestry, and fishing. The channel launched on November 1 with around a dozen videos and we will be releasing the rest of the videos over the next several months. View the Youtube Channel.


Campaign to prevent falls in construction re-launched
National Effort Underway to Prevent Construction Falls: NIOSH, OSHA, and the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) have re-launched the Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction. Visit to learn more.


Hazard Alert: 1-Bromopropane. NIOSH and OSHA jointly released a health hazard alert on 1-Bromopropane, a solvent used in degreasing, dry cleaning, spray adhesives, and aerosol solvents. View the Health Hazard Alert.


New Page on Pesticide Poisoning
Visit the new Pesticide Poisoning page to learn more about pesticide poisoning and prevention.


Hazard Alert: Methylene Chloride Hazards for Bathtub RefinishersOSHA/NIOSH issued this new joint alert in February after several cases of fatalities from methylene chloride exposures have been identified. More information is posted on the CDC's website.


​Nebraska Health Advisory: Misuse of Pesticides for Bedbug Control. Read the Health Advisory Here.


Grain Dust Warning for Agricultural Workers​
The Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health recently issued a warning to Ag workers on protecting against the harmful effects of alfatoxin and endotoxin.



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