Emergency Health Systems EMS Education and Training
In the ever-changing world of medicine, the out-of-hospital provider has the challenge of "keeping up" with pre-hospital medical advancements. From the Emergency Medical Responder to the Paramedic, continued Education and Training must be planned and executed in a timely manner.
The Unicameral, Nebraska's Legislative body, has provided funds for both initial and Continuing EMS Education. Educational programs are available through continuing education classes and conferences. 
Each Ambulance Service, training agency, and hospital has the ability to receive EMS continuing education classes. Financial assistance for these educational programs and conferences may be requested on the following application forms:

Electronic signatures are acceptable.

EMS Tuition Reimbursement:

In order for a person to be reimbursed for some of their initial education or reinstatement, they must become Nebraska licensed as an out-of-hospital responder and be a member of a Nebraska emergency medical service. All initial EMS training is arranged through licensed EMS Training Agencies.
See below for application forms which include instructions on reimbursements.

EMTs practice on a training dollA complete listing of Continuing Education Training and other training dates may be found on the Nebraska EHS Training Calendar


Questions about EMS training and education may be answered by contacting wendy.snodgrass@nebraska.gov.
For more information contact:
Wendy Snodgrass
Nebraska Department of HHS, Public Health
Emergency Health Systems Program
P.O. Box 95026
Lincoln, NE 68509-5026 
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