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Emergency Health Systems
     EMS Data Systems
Image of a graph and eye glassesData runs the world. Data allows for tracking of the EMS system and helps to determine where services can improve when a quality improvement process is utilized. Various reports can be ran on the prehospital data. An example of a type of report can tell what the main source of calls can be. 
Nebraska aggregate data can be requested by using the Nebraska Aggregate Data Request Form.
The Nebraska Emergency Health System provides software so over 400 licensed ambulance services in the state can submit an electronic record to the State of Nebraska as is required by Nebraska Rules and Regulations. This system is called the electronic Nebraska Ambulance Rescue Service Information System or eNARSIS.
Nebraska Rules and Regulations, state that Nebraska is to meet the National Emergency Medical Service Information System (NEMSIS) standard. Currently, Nebraska can accept both 3.3.4 and 3.4 NEMSIS data information. Nebraska is in the process of transitioning to the 3.4 NEMSIS data standard. Thus, the Nebraska data dictionary is currently all inclusive of the 3.3.4 and 3.4 data elements. Come January 1, 2018, Nebraska will be totally transitioned to the NEMSIS 3.4 dataset and on January 1, 2018, Nebraska will only be accepting the 3.4 NEMSIS data standard.  
The Nebraska data dictionary is currently all inclusive of the 3.3.4 and 3.4 data elements and the most up to date Nebraska required data elements, Nebraska facility lists, Nebraska validity rules, and various documents related to the submittal of Nebraska pre-hospital data. 
This Data Graph shows the number of electronic records that have been reported by utilizing the eNARSIS system. The graph shows 2015 and 2016. 2015 was a transition year, and in January of 2016 all licensed ambulance services in the state began using NEMSIS Version 3 and were required to submit electronic patient care records to the State of Nebraska. Currently, over 20,000 electronic records a month are being submitted to the State by pre-hospital personnel. The records that are submitted to the State go into a databank where specific data elements can be analyzed.
Additionally, Nebraska prehospital data is available to Nebraska hospitals through a software system entitled ‘Hospital Hub’. As patients are delivered to hospitals, the prehospital providers are to ensure that the patient care record is entered into the eNARSIS system. There is an electronic connection through eNARSIS and Hospital Hub so the prehospital patient care record is then available to the hospital personnel where the patient was delivered. Thus, continuity of care occurs as patient care information that was provided by prehospital personnel is passed on to the hospital personnel.

The NE Trauma System also collects and works with EHS Trauma data in Nebraska. A link to the NE Trauma data website is below.

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