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Training Opportunities
Continuing Education Opportunities and Resources for Physicians and Nurses

EWM Training Opportunities - see the most up to date training webinars on Every Woman Matters and the Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program.  Trainings include Enrollment, Screening, State Pap Plus Program, Diagnostic Enrollment and Referring EWM Clients to the Nebraska Tobacco Quitline. 

Screening Enrollment Lesson
Everything you need to know about qualifying factors and enrollment in the Every Woman Matters and Nebraska Colon Cancer Screening Program

Screening Card Lesson
What to do with the Screening Cards clients bring to their appointments

Referring EWM Clients to the Nebraska Tobacco Quitline
How to refer your EWM patients to the Nebraska Tobacco Quitline

Breast Diagnostic Enrollment Lesson
Everything you need to know about the EWM Breast Diagnostic Enrollment, Follow-up and Treatment Plan

Cervical Diagnostic Enrollment Lesson
Everything you need to know about the EWM Cervical Diagnostic Enrollment, Follow-up and Treatment Plan

State Pap Plus Program Enrollment Lesson
Everything you need to know about enrollment eligibility and navigation of the State Pap Plus Program for clients under 40 years of age

Other Training Resources
Social Determinants of Health - Unnatural Causes is the acclaimed documentary series broadcast by PBS and now used by thousands of organizations to tackle the root causes of our alarming socio-economic and racial inequities in health.  It's a four-hour series that uncovers startling new findings that suggest there is much more to our health than bad habits, health care or unlucky genes.  The social circumstances in which we are born, live and work can actually get under our skin and disrupt our physiology as must as germs and viruses.

CANCERcare.org - dedicated to providing free, professional support services including counseling, support groups, educational workshops, publications and financial assistance. 

PeerView Institute - dedicated to improving clinical competence and performance, patient outcomes and ultimately public health through the provision of continuing education (CME and professional development activities.  Credits are available FREE of charge for physicians and nurses.  Many classifications of topics are available.

American Academy of CME, Inc. - recognizes the importance of continuing education for professional development for healthcare professionals and the need to address clinical practice gaps that impact patient care.  The Academy provides certified continuing education to physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, dieticians, social workers/case managers, transplant coordinators and other healthcare professionals.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality - clinical practice guidelines and resources are housed on this site.

Public Health and Primary Care Collaboration: A Practice-Based Approach 
The University of Minnesota is offering a one-hour course that challenges learners to discuss similarities and differences between public health departments and primary care clinics, identify problems as well as solutions, and design action steps to promote collaboration using a process-based perspective.

Community Health Worker Training

Community Health Worker Training

Cardiovascular Disease
Million Hearts Resources

Tobacco Free Nebraska 

Quality Assurance and Patient Care
The Nebraska Quality Improvement Project
In this series of lectures, the participant will learn the basics of what Quality Improvement is and how they can apply the principles of QI in their workplace to achieve a better workflow and better outcomes for patients.  Every member of the health care team is responsible for quality improvement!

Instructions:  Please watch each of these YouTube Link videos in order by clicking on the links below.  When you are finished viewing all the videos in the module, click on the bottom link for the evaluation (there is a separate evaluation for each module). 

When you submit the evaluation you will then be able to view your CE certificate.  (NOTE: These are NOT PEER REVIEWED but Nebraska nurses are allowed up to 10 non-peer-reviewed hours when renewing their licenses).  In the upper left corner click on file, then print (or Ctrl + P) to print the certificate for your records. 

All links open in a NEW browser window/tab. 

If you have any trouble, please contact andrea.riley@nebraska.gov

Module A: Quality Improvement (3 sessions), 1.5 contact hours. 
For the first presentation you will need a handout, which can be accessed here.

1.    Introduction to Quality Improvement 

2.    Quality Improvement Processes Overview

3.    Chronic Care Model

Evaluation and CE certificate

Module B: Quality Improvement (1 session), 1 contact hour

1.    Self-Management Support

Evaluation and CE certificate

Module C: Quality Improvement (2 sessions), 1 contact hour

1.    Barriers to Quality Improvement

2.    Working with Challenging and Vulnerable Patients

Evaluation and CE certificate


Other Resources
Nebraska Behavioral Health Resources: Network of Care

Health & Wellness Page

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