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Med-It Data Entry
Encounter Registry Data Entry
Health Coaching Data Entry Guide
Health Coaching with Supports Data Entry Guide
NDPP Health Coaching Data Entry Guide
SMBP Health Coaching Data Entry Guide
Health Coaching Templates
 National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) Health Coaching Template (COMING SOON)
 Check.Change.Control. Template (COMING SOON)
 Living Well Template (COMING SOON)
 Physical Activity Template (COMING SOON)

 Collaborative Impact for Breast Health Navigation Template (NEW)
          Collaborative Impact Resource:
          Promising Practice Ideas:  Worksite Wellness Breast Cancer Screening

          You can fill out the Follow-Up Assessment online if you prefer by going to:

 Venue Navigation to Screen Pathway (NEW)
  Venue Navigation to Screen Pathway Example/Directions (NEW)
Venue Template and Navigation Pathway Webinar/Recording (NEW)

 CHH Quarterly Progress Report and Invoice (NEW)
Quarterly Progress Report Webinar/Recording (NEW)

Colon Cancer Screening

 Community Based FOBT Distribution/Screening Plan Template
 CRC FOBT Distribution Sites Tracking Form
 CRC Colon Cancer Primary Care Provider Listing

 FOBT Kit Labeling Directions
Instructions on How to Enter a CRC Enrollment

CHH Success Stories
High Blood Pressure/Diabetes Resources
High Blood Pressure Protocol for CHH
Understanding and Managing HBP Booklet
Prevent Type2 Diabetes: A guide to refer patients to diabetes prevention programs
CHH Updates

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February 2018-CHH Update


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