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A Time to Heal 
Is a 12-week rehabilitation program that gives survivors access to the tools they need to help them to be well after cancer. This whole-person rehabilitation program is designed to help people regain their physical, emotional, and spiritual health after cancer treatment.
• Breast Cancer Program
• Caregiver Program
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Breast Cancer Control Plan
The purpose to the plan is to provide a forum for major stakeholders to work in partnership to establish a common vision and mission, and to create a process and plan that would:
• decrease duplication of efforts
• utilize and build on strengths
• lead to pooled resources
• streamline processes and increase efficiencies
• identify gaps and needs
• improve the quality of services

Plan details, including acknowledgements, data and trends

Breast & Cervical Cancer Advisory Committee

The Nebraska Breast & Cervical Cancer Advisory Committee was established by Federal legislation in 1990, and is supported by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Women’s and Men’s Health Programs. The advisory committee's mission is to make progress in the the fight against cancer. The committee formed the Nebraska Every Woman Matters Foundation (NEWMF) and is affiliated with the Nebraska Community Foundation (NCF), which provides affiliated fund status to communities and organizations to achieve non-profit status without forming their own non-profit corporation. 

Funds received will be designed for cancer treatment costs for uninsured and underinsured women diagnosed with breast cancer, cervical cancer, or pre-cervical cancer through the Every Woman Matters Program.

Advisory Committee Application

Vision of NEWMF: Every woman in Nebraska who is diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer has access to quality treatment, education, and rehabilitation for her cancer regardless of age, race, or social economic level.
Mission of NEWMF: To provide financial resources for those women diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer in the Every Woman Matters Program, according to their financial situation, so that no woman goes untreated due to lack of financial resources.

Medical Advisory Committee

The Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) was established to oversee spending, assure patients receive quality services, address medication and other treatment needs, establish policies, analyze data, encourage preventive care, and offer professional education. MAC makes recommendations on program policies for submission to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and to Every Woman Matters clients and providers; advises Every Woman Matters on quality assurance issues; provides advice to assist the program with professional and public education and in addressing clinical and documentation issues; and reviews data to advise the program on improving effectiveness and on submitting articles for publication. 

Membership consists of representatives of a variety of medical disciplines and specialties related to the services provided by Every Woman Matters. Members participate in one of four subcommittees: Cervical Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes, Colorectal Cancer, or Breast Cancer.

Medical Advisory Committee Members 

Women's Health Initiatives
Women’s Health Initiatives (WHI) was established in 2000 by the Nebraska Legislature to improve the health of women in Nebraska by fostering the development of a comprehensive system of coordinated policy analysis, strategic planning, education and technical assistance.

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