What's Tobacco Costing You?

What's Tobacco Costing You?




Wondering what you’re missing out on because of cigarettes and chew?
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More Reasons to Quit

You know cigarettes and chew aren’t cheap, but that isn’t the only reason you should quit. Consider all the other areas of your life impacted by tobacco.

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Your Health

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, smoking harms every organ in your body. Seriously, all of them.


Tobacco use is related to all sorts of horrible illnesses like cancer (in many body parts), heart disease, and lung disease.


In 2011, more than 2,300 Nebraskans died because of illnesses caused by tobacco.

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Your Social Life

While your friends are inside having a good time, you have to go outside—in the cold, wind, snow, rain, heat, etc.—to smoke.


There’s a good chance that person you’ve been eyeing across the bar may not even consider dating you because you smoke or chew.


Your nonsmoking friends might not want to hang out with you while you smoke because of the way your breath, clothes, car, furniture—pretty much everything—smells. And they probably don’t want to breathe in your secondhand smoke, either.

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Your Future

All of your smoke breaks and extra sick days (caused by your tobacco use) means you’re not as productive—not a big incentive for an employer to keep you around.


Going to a job interview smelling like smoke can be a turnoff to employers and may even keep you from getting a job.


Some businesses have tobacco-free hiring policies, so you wouldn’t even get a foot in the door.



#XTRA2K Videos

DYK: A pack-a-day smoker spends about $2,000 a year on cigarettes. We asked people what they would do with the extra money – check out their answers!

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Ready to Quit?

Ready to kick tobacco out of your life for good? Awesome! This could be the first day of a new, tobacco-free you. And remember, you're not doing this alone—your friends and family will be there for you. So will we.

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Nebraska Tobacco Quitline

Get free, 24/7 access to the support and information you need. All calls are confidential, and you get to speak with a trained quit coach. If you need help, just call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or head to QuitNow.ne.gov.

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Whatever tobacco is costing you, it's time to take it back!


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