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Together for Kids & Families
TFKF envisions safe and supportive communities where all
children and their families are a top priority. 
Work Groups
Due to funding changes, Together for Kids and Families has ended operations, effective September 2016.  However, the contributions of TFKF to the early childhood systems network in Nebraska will be lasting.  Resources from the TFKF workgroups will be sustained here as a public resources until late 2018.
Early Childhood Comprehensive System Chart
Together for Kids and Families (TFKF) has five work groups; work groups meet six times a year for education, updates, refinement of their work plan, and to network.  Each work group addresses specific strategies to build early childhood comprehensive systems. 
All five work groups are comprised of key stakeholders with a shared vision for collaboration.  Each work group has embedded the identification, mitigation, and prevention of toxics stress and trauma into the activities of their most recent work plans.

Select a work group below to learn more.

 Child Care Health Consultation  Dental/Medical Home  Early Care and Education 
                 Mental Health    Parent Education and Family Support

Please direct questions and/or comments to Mai Dang at 402-471-2907 or

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