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TFKF envisions safe and supportive communities where all
children and their families are a top priority. 
Toxic Stress & Brain Development
Steering Committee
The Charge: Create and promote a multi-system, strategic plan for the identification, prevention, and mitigation of toxic stress in young children aged 0-3 years in Nebraska. 
The Toxic Stress Steering Committee (TSSC) was launched in July 2014, focusing on a single shared purpose - addressing toxic stress among young children. 
The Charge will be accomplished with mutually reinforcing activities, shared measures, continuous communication, and backbone support. We believe our youngest children are worth it. 
Members were invited by Joseph M. Acierno, M.D., J.D., Acting Chief Executive Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Director, Division of Public Health, Department of Health and Human Services.
Please direct question and/or comments to Mai Dang at 402-471-2907 or

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