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TFN Success Stories, that once approved, are displayed for public use on TFN pages.
Quitline Promotion Supported by Hospital.xml
Panhandle CessationApproved
Smoking cessation was identified as a community need during the Community Health Needs assessment process.
4/4/2016 1:56 PMSystem Account
Compliance Checks in Lincoln County.xml
Lincoln Youth PreventionApproved
About 80% of adults who use tobacco started when they were under 18, which is the legal age to purchase tobacco products in Nebraska. Although they may get tobacco products from older friends and family members, sales clerks sometimes sell it to them. On July 2, 2014, North Platte Police Department (NPPD) conducted random tobacco sales compliance checks at 17 retail outlets. Fifteen were compliant, but two sold to the minor, for a compliance rate of 88%.
4/4/2016 1:55 PMSystem Account
Panhandle School Policies.xml
Panhandle Youth PreventionApproved
Loose and unenforced policies for students participating in activities
8/12/2015 7:08 AMSystem Account
Chadron Hospital Enacts Tobacco Free Policy.xml
Panhandle Secondhand Smoke ExposureApproved
Chadron Hospital did not have a tobacco free campus policy in place.
8/12/2015 7:08 AMSystem Account
Boone County Tobacco Policies.xml
Platte/Colfax Cessation Disparate Populations Secondhand Smoke Exposure Youth PreventionApproved
The tobacco coalition in Platte/Colfax County extended its reach through an active coalition member in Boone County. Although Boone County is not served by a tobacco coalition or funded by TFN, the Platte/Colfax County coordinator provided Boone County partners with information on tobacco polices and assisted answering questions from the schools and health center boards.  Saint Michael's School was concerned with issues of visitors smoking, as the school is connected to the Catholic church and is used for funerals during the week.  Coalition members encouraged them to implement a tobacco free policy and use signage to help enforce the policy. 
8/11/2015 10:12 AMSystem Account
E-Cigarettes Added to County Policy.xml
Cass Secondhand Smoke ExposureApproved
The use of electronic nicotine delivery systems on Cass County tobacco-free grounds.
8/11/2015 10:12 AMSystem Account
Smoke Free Housing Options in Cass County.xml
Cass Secondhand Smoke ExposureApproved
The Plattsmouth Chamber of Commerce received a request for information of smoke-free multi-family housing options available in Cass County.
8/11/2015 10:12 AMSystem Account
Buffalo County Media Coverage.xml
Buffalo CessationApproved
The local TV station was looking for resources in our area for cessation.
7/30/2015 8:03 AMSystem Account
Sarpy County Tobacco-Free Policy.xml
Sarpy Secondhand Smoke ExposureApproved
The Tobacco Free Sarpy (TFS) coalition brought forth concern about exposure to secondhand smoke at the Sarpy County court house, after a coalition member shared about their pregnant family member having to walk through secondhand smoke to get to the door.
7/10/2015 1:29 PMSystem Account
Tregaron Senior Residences Enact Tobacco Free Policy.xml
Sarpy CessationApproved
The manager and several residents were smokers. After the announcement was made that a policy would take effect, the manager received many questions in regard to quitting the use of cigarettes.
7/10/2015 1:29 PMSystem Account
Peer Education Has Positive Impact.xml
Lancaster Youth PreventionApproved
Friends of this boy who smoke
7/10/2015 1:28 PMSystem Account
Tobacco Education at Lincoln AA Chapter.xml
Lancaster CessationApproved
 A majority of people attending AA meetings also struggle with tobacco addiction. Reaching these individuals with tobacco prevention and cessation information has been a challenge. 
7/10/2015 1:28 PMSystem Account
Home Visit Leads Asthma Sufferer to Quit Smoking.xml
Lancaster CessationApproved
Tobacco use exacerbating asthma symptoms
7/10/2015 1:28 PMSystem Account
Play.Work.Live.Tobacco Free! Social Norm Campaign Initiated.xml
Hall Secondhand Smoke ExposureApproved
The major conflict that brought on a plan of action is a broken smoke-free park policy in  Grand Island, NE. There is a smoke-free park policy but is only to benefit city employees and allows smoking in all areas but fenced in areas of parks. Park-goers are unable to know where they can and cannot smoke due to this policy and inadequate signage.
7/10/2015 1:27 PMSystem Account
Nebraska Tobacco Quitline Helps Smoker Quit.xml
Hall CessationApproved
Individual did not want to quit but knew smoking was bad for him. He started using smokeless tobacco (chew) at age 15, then at age 35 he switched to cigarettes because a former spouse did not like the chew. On average, he smoked a pack a day. He is now 54 years old.
7/10/2015 1:27 PMSystem Account
Douglas County Smoke-free Multi-Family Housing Policies.xml
Douglas Cessation Secondhand Smoke ExposureApproved
Smoke-free housing options are limited but growing within Douglas County Nebraska. The Douglas County Health Department (DCHD) as a partner of MOTAC (Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coalition), has been working for nearly 3 years to increase the number of smoke-free housing options, reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, and provide the option for residents to protect their own health at places which may be their only option.
7/10/2015 1:27 PMSystem Account
Central Community College-Columbus Campus Implements Tobacco Free Policy.xml
Platte/Colfax Disparate Populations Secondhand Smoke Exposure Youth PreventionApproved
An obstacle in implementing a tobacco free policy for the college was the question of enforcement.  What would the enforcement look like, who would be responsible for carrying out the enforcement of the new policy, and what to do with those who don't follow the policy - especially repeat offenders.
5/7/2015 8:49 AMSystem Account
Lincoln County - Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Outreach.xml
Lincoln Cessation Disparate PopulationsApproved
The instructor was concerned about the physical harm and financial strain tobacco was causing her students, recognizing that nearly all of them smoked, and that tobacco use rates are high among the those with developmental disabilities.
3/3/2015 3:09 PMSystem Account
Smoke-free Hotels.xml
Lincoln Secondhand Smoke ExposureApproved
Hotel and motel owners do not want to lose revenue from room rental, but are concerned about health, fire safety, nuisance and maintenance costs related to allowing smoking in some of their rooms. A staff person at Holiday Inn Express said they “had a heck of a time cleaning” the rooms that were smoked in.
3/2/2015 12:30 PMSystem Account
Douglas County Tobacco Retail Compliance Checks.xml
Douglas Youth PreventionApproved
Certain tobacco retailers in certain areas of town were not being checked on a regular basis due to safety concerns for the Cooperating Individual (CI) cited by the officer conducting the tobacco retail checks.

It is a concern that if tobacco retailers aren’t being checked on a regular basis then those retailers might be selling tobacco products to minors.
2/24/2015 7:14 AMSystem Account
Buffalo County Smokefree Education Outreach.xml
Buffalo CessationApproved
No conflict
1/21/2015 8:10 AMSystem Account
Tobacco-Free Parks in Malcolm.xml
Lancaster Secondhand Smoke ExposureApproved
People smoking/using tobacco at Malcolm parks and recreation areas, including baseball fields during games and in the park during the annual Malcolm Car Show.
7/30/2014 1:45 PMSystem Account
Tobacco-Free Policies at Behavioral Health Treatment Centers in Lincoln.xml
Lancaster CessationApproved
Despite statistics that show a majority of people age 12 and older entering substance abuse treatment centers are also dependent on nicotine, most substance abuse treatment programs do not address smoking/tobacco cessation.
7/30/2014 1:45 PMSystem Account
Smoke-Free Housing Campaign Making a Difference.xml
Douglas Secondhand Smoke ExposureApproved
A tenant was having problems with cigarette smoke permeating public hallways and apartment units. The tenant had seen a neighbor in the hallway with a lit cigarette before. The tenant filed a Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act (NCIAA) complaint. The Douglas County Health Department (DCHD) investigated the complaint.
7/30/2014 9:05 AMSystem Account
The Good Life in My Moccasins Event.xml
Douglas Disparate PopulationsApproved
Native Americans and African Americans are frequently targeted by the tobacco industry. As a result, they have higher tobacco prevalence (use) rates.
7/30/2014 9:03 AMSystem Account
Lakota Basketball Tournament Becomes a Tobacco-Free Event.xml
Panhandle Disparate Populations Secondhand Smoke Exposure Youth PreventionApproved
A high number of tournament participants and spectators use tobacco.
7/2/2014 12:37 PMSystem Account
Personal Experience Spurs Advocate to Action.xml
Panhandle Secondhand Smoke ExposureApproved
Coalition member's husband has emphysema from smoking and will not quit. His wife is a very active member of the tobacco prevention coalition.
7/2/2014 9:51 AMSystem Account
UNK Faculty and Staff Senates Pass Resolutions in Favor of a Tobacco-Free Campus Policy.xml
Buffalo Secondhand Smoke ExposureApproved
It is sometimes difficult to get on the faculty and staff senate agendas to present on Tobacco Free UNK.
6/30/2014 8:11 AMSystem Account
Tobacco-Free Efforts at UNK.xml
Buffalo Secondhand Smoke Exposure Youth PreventionApproved
UNK's campus is not tobacco-free. Efforts are underway by the local tobacco prevention coalition and partners to change that.
6/18/2014 10:56 AMSystem Account
Youth Prevention Activities in Platte and Colfax Counties.xml
Platte/Colfax Youth PreventionApproved
The coalitions have had a challenge initiating youth prevention activities in Platte and Colfax Counties.
6/17/2014 1:44 PMSystem Account
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