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State Statutes

In 2006, the Nebraska Legislature passed a law requiring hospitals, birthing centers and other medical facilities to present a video and reading materials to new parents, discussing the dangers of shaking a baby and sudden infant death syndrome.
Nebraska Revised Statute 71-2103. Information for parents of newborn child; requirements:
Every hospital, birth center, or other medical facility that discharges a newborn child shall request that each maternity patient and father of a newborn child, if available, view a video presentation and read printed materials, approved by the Department of Health and Human Services, on the dangers of shaking infants and children, the symptoms of shaken baby syndrome, the dangers associated with rough handling or the striking of an infant, safety measures which can be taken to prevent sudden infant death, and the dangers associated with infants sleeping in the same bed with other children or adults. After viewing the presentation and reading the materials or upon a refusal to do so, the hospital, birth center, or other medical facility shall request that the mother and father, if available, sign a form stating that he or she has viewed and read or refused to view and read the presentation and materials. Such presentation, materials, and forms may be provided by the department.

Source - Laws 2006, LB 994, § 149 

Download SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome Information Acknowledgement Form:

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Brochures and video are available in English and Spanish (view Resources).

The Law requires that video and reading materials be approved by the Department of Health and Human Services.  Contact us to review any material not provided by Department of Health and Human Services for review.  

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