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Risk Factors
    Sleep Associated Risks

 2009 State of Nebraska Child Death Review Team Report: 

​Sudden Unexpected Infant Death by Race/Ethnicity

​Total ​%
​White ​16 ​69.6%
​African-American ​5 ​21.7%
​Native American ​2 ​8.7%
​Asian/Pacific Islander ​0 ​0.0%
​Total (N) ​23 100%
​Hispanic Ethnicity ​2 ​8.7%


Sudden Unexpected Infant Death ​Total ​%
​Male ​15 ​65.2%
​Female ​8 ​34.8%
Total (N) ​23 ​100%

​Sleep-Associated Death
Risk Factors
​Total ​%
Prenatal or postnatal smoke exposure ​16 ​64%
​Age–inappropriate sleep surface  ​15 60%
​Found on side or stomach 13 52%
​Bed–sharing 12 ​48%
Bedding–related issues ​11 44%
​Put to sleep on side or stomach ​9 ​36%
​Current/recent respiratory infection 9 36%
​Prenatal drug exposure ​3 ​12%
​No known risk factors ​0 ​4%


Definitions for above Risk Factors  

  • Prenatal or postnatal smoke exposure: 64% of infants had documented exposure to tobacco smoke either while mom was pregnant or after infant was born.
  • Age inappropriate sleep surface: 60% of infants were sleeping in or on something other than a safety-approved crib, playpen or baby bed.
  • Found on side or stomach: At time of death, 52% of infants were positioned on his/her side or stomach.
  • Bed sharing: At the time of death, close to half of infants, 48%, were sleeping with an adult or other child.
  • Bedding-related issues include: blankets and/or sheets found over the infant’s head or around their mouth or nose, stuffed animals in the bed, or having been placed on a pillow etc. 44% of babies has Bedding-related issues at the time of death.
  • Put to sleep on side or stomach: 64% of infants were reported to have been found on their backs.  36% of babies were found on side or stomach.
  • Current/recent respiratory infection: 36 % of infants were reported to have a current or recent (within the past 2 weeks) respiratory infection. Respiratory infection is a likely contributor to impaired breathing. 
  • Prenatal drug exposure: 12 % of babies had prior drug exposure during pregnancy before they were born.


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