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Risk Factors
    Pregnancy Risk Factors
Research indicates that some infants are at a higher risk of SIDS because of certain risk factors identified during the pregnancy:
Pregnant Mom
  • Mothers who have inadequate prenatal care
  • Abnormal placenta
  • Low weight gain during pregnancy
  • Maternal age under 20 years old
  • Anemia
  • History of infections like sexually transmitted diseases or a urinary  tract infection
  • History of drug use, smoking, or alcohol use during or after pregnancy
For More Information Contact:
Jackie Moline, RN, BSN
Maternal-Infant Community Health Nurse, Sr.
Maternal & Infant Health Program
DHHS - Division of Public Health
(402) 471-0165 - Cell (402) 326-6415 - Fax (402) 471-7049

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