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Risk Factors
    Babies at Risk
Several factors increase a baby’s risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
      • Low birth weight infants
      • Premature infants
      • Sex of the baby, boys have a higher incidence of SIDS
      • Race: African American, American Indian or Native Alaskan babies have a higher risk for SIDS.
      • Babies who sleep on their stomachs
      • Babies used to sleeping on their back are switched to sleep on their stomachs
      • Secondhand smoke
      • Baby’s age Increased vulnerability to SIDS when they are 1 to 6 months  old with the peak time during 2-3 months of age.  SIDS may occur up to one year of age.
      • Overheating / over dressing your baby Increased risk of SIDS
      • Evidence of a recent respiratory infections within four weeks of death was commonly revealed on autopsies
      • Siblings of a baby who died of SIDS have a small risk of SIDS possibly linked to a genetic disorder. 
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